No 1 Ohio State stays perfect with win over No 10 Loyola

Redshirt senior middle blocker Driss Guessous takes a set from senior setter Christy Blough in the match against Loyola on Feb. 12. Credit: Aliyyah Jackson | Lantern reporterThe No. 1 Ohio State men’s volleyball team notched another win on its belt on Saturday, this time against conference foe No. 10 Loyola University in St. John Arena.The Buckeyes improve to 8-0 for the season and 4-0 in Midwestern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association (MIVA) conference play after a sweeping the Loyola Ramblers in straight sets, (25-22, 25-18, 25-19). With the loss, the Rambles drop to 7-4 overall and 3-1 in MIVA. The win for OSU puts it atop of the MIVA standings.“They’re playing with confidence,” OSU coach Pete Hanson said. “Right now, we don’t have any glaring weaknesses. There’s some finer points that we’re trying to smooth over and get better at, but for the most part they’re pretty much clicking on all cylinders right now.”After the Buckeyes gained a 9-3 lead at the start of the first set, the Ramblers battled back to tie the score up at 16. OSU then responded with a three-point run. The score stayed within three for the remainder of the set as the Buckeyes clenched the set 25-22.“I didn’t think we were serving the ball real well early on in that set,” Hanson said. “We had a few more errors than what we had been in the last couple of weeks and that kind fed into their momentum a little bit.”The Buckeyes committed seven service errors, more than twice as many as the Ramblers committed in the first set. Both OSU and Loyola were hitting well as both teams attacked at a rate greater than .400. Senior opposite Miles Johnson led the Buckeyes attacking regime with 7 kills and a .700 hitting percentage. Loyola gained its first lead of the night during a 3-0 run to begin the second set. Another Rambler three-point streak tied the score at 10 all. The Buckeyes then amassed a lead as large as seven points as they won the match 25-18.The Buckeyes were able to neutralize the Loyola’s offensive efforts, holding the Ramblers to a .000 attacking rate. OSU combined for five total blocks in the second set while accumulating nine digs. Third set began with back and forth points for the two teams with the score remaining knotted up at 15. OSU closed out the set on a 10-4 run to win 25-19.Three players on the Buckeye squad swung at a rate greater than .400 in the third set. Senior outside hitter Nicolas Szerszen had the best attacking rate, going .500, while also leading the team in digs with seven.OSU’s win extends its historic winning streak to 36 games, a streak longer than any team in OSU school history that competes in head-to-head competition. The win helps the Buckeyes inch closer to Loyola’s 40-game win streak from the 2014-2015 season and the all-time record of 47 set by UCLA in 1983-1984. “The goal is not to beat the streak,” Szerszen said. “The goal is to get the national championship. That’s the most important thing and then if the streak comes along it’s even better.”The Buckeyes are back in action Friday against conference opponent Quincy University. First serve is at 7 p.m. in St. John Arena. read more

Bill Gates Terrorists could wipe out 30 million people by weaponising a

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Chemistry kits which allow genetic editing can already be bought online for under £100.Scientists are concerned that a new technique, called Crispr, is now so cheap and widely available that amateurs will start experimenting at home, or in school labs.The technique works like genetic scissors to cut away DNA code and replace it with new genes. It has been hailed as one the most significant scientific breakthroughs in recent years, but there are fears that in the wrong hands, the procedure could unleash dangerous strains of bacteria or other organisms. Kits to make E.coli resistant to antibiotics are already for sale on the internet. A bioterrorist attack which could wipe out 30 million people is becoming increasingly likely because it is easier than ever to create and spread deadly pathogens, Bill Gates has warned.The Microsoft founder, who was speaking before a speech at the Royal United Services Institute in London (RUSI), warned that an outbreak of a lethal respiratory virus such as smallpox would be more dangerous than even a nuclear attack.Mr Gates, whose charitable foundation funds research into quickly spotting outbreaks, said it was more important than ever to help foreign countries monitor diseases to prevent a global tragedy.“Bioterrorism is a much larger risk than a pandemic,” he said. “All these advances in biology have made it far easier for a terrorist to recreate smallpox, which is a highly fatal pathogen, where there is essentially no immunity remaining at this point.“When you are thinking about things that could cause in excess of 10 million deaths, even something tragic like a nuclear weapons incident wouldn’t get to that level. So the greatest risk is from a natural epidemic or an intentionally caused infection bioterrorism events.“Whether the next epidemic is unleashed by a quirk of nature or the hand of terrorist, scientists say a fast-moving airborne pathogen could kill more than 30 million people in less than a year. So the world does need to think about this.” A pandemic on a larger scale than Ebola is coming, warns Gates  Gates was speaking ahead of a speech at the Royal United Services Institute in London A pandemic on a larger scale than Ebola is coming, the Microsoft tycoon believesCredit:Anadolu Agency “So the scariest thing is something like the 1919 flu which really spreads everywhere and because people are moving around more it’s easier for it to spread than back in 1919. If 1919 came back we have no immunity to that strain.”Mr Gates urged Theresa May to maintain the 0.7 per cent GDP foreign aid pledge.“The UK’s foreign aid investments are, in fact, long term investments in the health and security of British citizens here at home,” he added.“A disease is more likely to become an epidemic when countries are unstable and have no functioning health system. We can’t build a wall to hold back the next global epidemic.” Gates said UK foreign aid is a ‘long-term investment in the health of British citizens’Credit:David Rose  Last year the Nuffield Council of Bioethics warned that ‘garage scientists’ could unleash dangerous genetically modified organisms into the environment using unregulated technology which is already available online. Mr Gates said that today’s widespread global travel mean that a future pandemic could be even more deadly than the Spanish Flu outbreak in 1919 which killed up to 100 million people.“We will have epidemics in the next 20 years far worse than the ebola epidemic, or the Zika epidemic and there is some chance it would be a form of flu,” he said.“Something that is human-to-human respiratory that is like a measles or a flu or smallpox, that you need just one person on the bus or plane or the airport and you get huge things. A health crisis somewhere is a health crisis everywhere.last_img read more

Airport parking boss jailed for dumping cars in muddy fields

The websites claimed the cars would be parked in secure compounds with CCTV by professional chauffeurs.But the company was busted when Trading Standards found hundreds of cars at several locations parked in muddy fields and even in bushes.Some cars were left unlocked with windows open and keys were left in plastic wallets stuck to the windscreen.Some cars came back damaged and others were not returned at all, the court heard.A jury at Brighton Crown Court found him guilty of three counts of defrauding or misleading customers, in breach of consumer protection laws. Malik Ashad during his trial at Brighton Crown Court  Some of the vehicles had the keys taped to the windscreen Malik, from Crawley, used a photograph of a hospital car park 400 miles away in Scotland to trick travellers into believing their cars were safe when they left them with London Parking Gatwick and another service called Easy Meet and Greet Gatwick. Some of the vehicles had the keys taped to the windscreenCredit:Eddie Mitchell Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Malik Ashad during his trial at Brighton Crown Court Credit:Eddie Mitchell  Judge Tain said: “It was almost as if it was a joke. One example was a customer complaining about cigarette ash in the car, and were told it must have blown in through the window of another car. Another reported their clutch was burnt out.”That exemplifies the approach being taken, customers that had difficulties were fobbed off in the hope they would go away.”The Pakistani businessman had worked for BT and as a taxi driver in Crawley after completing a masters in Satellite Communications and Space Studies at the University of Sussex in Brighton.He set up his first Gatwick valet parking firm in October 2014 and in 20 months of trading he tricked thousands of customers and more the £1.4million passed through the accounts. An airport parking scammer has been sent to prison in one of the first cases of its kind after he made £1.4million leaving holidaymakers’ cars in muddy fields with keys in the window.Asad Malik, 38, used fake reviews and photographs of secure car parks hundreds of miles away to trick customers into leaving their vehicles with him when they flew from Gatwick.The company then dumped them in muddy fields, on street corners and even outside a mosque.One owner found their car had been driven 185 miles while they were on holiday, others came home to find damage or unpaid parking tickets whilst Keegan Bowes saw his Mini on a TV news bulletin while he was in Spain. Jailing Malik for 14 months, Judge Paul Tain said that the way the company was run was “almost as if it was a joke”.Despite concerns about the industry, it is believed to be one of the first times that an airport parking boss has been jailed for scamming customers. read more

Pumping iron GIW and KSB pumps power Australian iron ore mine

first_imgIron ore mining is demanding enough, but it’s an especially harsh enterprise in far northwest Australia, where temperatures can reach well past 110o F in the summer. Hope Downs needed pumping equipment suited to such extreme conditions for its newest mine, Hope Downs 4 in Western Australia. In 2011, the joint venture chose KSB Australia, part of GIW’s parent company KSB Group, to supply heavy-duty GIW slurry pumps and KSB process pumps to the project.Hope Downs 4 is the first project of this size where both slurry and non-slurry pumps have been awarded to a KSB company. David Tuckwell, Mining Sales Engineer for KSB Australia, explains why providing both slurry and non-slurry pumps offers a unique and beneficial situation for the customer: “As a supplier, we have experts who work in the slurry field and other experts who work with water pumps. Being able to work on both sides of the project is a specialty for us.”To ensure that the slurry and water pumps are optimal for the mine’s intense iron-ore extraction and wet-processing practices, the KSB team relied on its engineering expertise and GIW’s revolutionary SLYSEL software.“The SLYSEL program provided by GIW is one of the best slurry pump-selection tools in the world,” Tuckwell says. “It enables us to look at the design of the system and identify the equipment that can go in and run at optimal levels for the application.”After deliberation and testing that also took into account the extreme climate and isolation of the Hope Downs 4 site, KSB chose several pumping packages to outfit the mine’s systems:A fire and raw water pump package and sump pump package onsite, with a total of 31 pumpsA slurry pump package that features 8×10 LSA pumps and LCC slurry pumpsA process water pumping package that includes 18×18 LSA pumps, LCC process water pumps, waste fines recirculation, cloth wash return pumps, gland water pumps, and waste fines pumps.The KSB team is currently testing the entire pumping system extensively before the mine goes into production and has made some key changes to the system based on test results. For instance, when the team realised some of the cloth wash return pumps were seeing more slurry than they were designed for, they were able to fit a bigger wet end quickly. “Because of the interchangeability of the parts, it was an easy upgrade — we can use the same pedestal and change out the parts to increase the flow,” Tuckwell says.The Hope Downs 4 project is a testament to KSB’s commitment to long-term customer satisfaction. “It’s important to measure wear on equipment quickly, keep up with ongoing maintenance, and provide 100% customer support,” Tuckwell says. “It gives the end user satisfaction, results, and confidence in KSB and GIW products as a solution for all their pump and servicing requirements.”last_img read more

Zeljko Babic to overtake RK Gorenje Velenje

EX-Croatian national team head-coach Zeljko Babic will be a new coach of Slovenian RK Gorenje Velenje in upcoming season 2017/2018, writes Coach who lost his job after winning fourth place at World Championship 2017 in France, will come-back after six months break in country, which took the bronze medal in Paris ahead of his team.Babic led HC Meshkov Brest before work with Croatian national team. He won bronze medal at Men’s EHF EURO 2016 in Poland as Croatian coach. handball coachRK Gorenje Velenjezeljko babic ← Previous Story Tatabanya Grundfos to chase Fuchse Berlin for EHF Cup Final4 Next Story → HE WON’T RUN NAKED: Larvik first domestic defeat after 16 years!

Smartphone users are 33 more likely to fall victim to identity fraud

first_imgBe vigilant with personal detailsBuying from reputable tradersPay with a safe methodAnd remembering, that if it seems to be good to be true it probably is A NEW SURVEY by the European Consumer Centre Network (ECC-Net) shows that the most common scams involving fraudulent e-commerce transactions involve fake items or tickets, counterfeit products, alleged free trials, data phishing and the purchasing of used cars online.Over 70 per cent of participants reported fraudulent websites, many of which entice consumers by offering items such as phones at cheap prices only to demand further payment for delivery or customs charges.Smartphones The advent of easy-to-use smartphone has increased the likelihood of users being a victim of fraud, with the survey finding that smartphone users are 33 per cent more likely to fall victim to identity fraud than the general public.Phones tend to be less secure than regular computers, said ECC-Net and, who warned that consumers were less vigilant with their personal information when using them.The survey found that consumers often pay significant sums of money for tickets that are never delivered and which may not even exist. While more than 30 per cent of participants reported instances of consumers being caught out by “free” trials of a product or service which then turned out to be a front for costly subscription services.Counterfeit goodsThe ECC-Net said the proliferation of counterfeit products, reported by 41 per cent of participants,  is particularly worrying as the purchasing these items is considered a criminal offence in some European countries.Other growing scams include gaming fraud, animal rescue tricks, and online dating fraud – the latter particularly devastating, as fraudsters often spend long periods of time building a bond with the victim only to then seek money for supposed travel or health issues.Caroline Curneen, Assistant Legal Advisor at ECC Ireland said with Irish consumers spending over €4.1 billion on online shopping in 2012, “it’s more important than ever to be informed and vigilant about fraudulent behaviour”.  She added:Regrettably, consumers encounter scams online with disheartening frequency. Fraudsters are becoming ever-more inventive and sophisticated in their approaches and it is crucial that consumers remain vigilant and are aware of the latest threats.Tips for shopping online this Christmas include: Read: Former solicitor charged over alleged €2.8 million fraud>Read: Thomas Byrne sentenced to 12 years in jail for fraud and theft>last_img read more

Dangerous Imperial Beach intersection has community searching for answers

first_img“There’s no control. It’s just out of control,” said the neighbor. “Everybody is in such a rush. Nobody takes the time to obey the law anymore, it seems like.” It might not look like much on the outside, a brace and bruises, but the left side of her body is internally bruised, she can barely raise her left arm, and she just started walking again Monday. 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsIMPERIAL BEACH (KUSI) – Several people in Imperial Beach are concerned about the speeding at an intersection just down the street from a nearby school.On Aug. 16, a woman was hit by an SUV while riding her bicycle through the intersection at 7th and Donax. Some residents said drivers blow through the stop signs regularly. The community said they want answers.People love to ride their bikes around Imperial Beach. It’s like a rite of passage in the community, but Georgina Velez said she may never ride again. Posted: August 20, 2018 Categories: Local San Diego News, Traffic & Accidents FacebookTwitter “Now I just constantly think about my child and what if,” said Velez. “What if she was the one that got hit, you know. It’s very nerve racking now and I’ve lived here my whole life.” “Was just kind of doing my thing, being diligent, looking both ways,” said Velez. “The Indianapolis 500,” said one of the neighbors, explaining what the street looks like during the morning commute. “I would say six out of the 10 cars are going way over the speed limit.” August 20, 2018 Dangerous Imperial Beach intersection has community searching for answers She explained that an SUV slammed into her, sending her body grinding against the asphalt. One man living in this neighborhood did not want his identity revealed for fear of retaliation, but he said he’s worried and thought it’s just a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt. “It was at that point in the intersection where I realized the man wasn’t going to look my way,” said Velaz. “At that point, I was already in the crosswalk. It was pretty much slow motion after that.” In other words, Georgina said she got lucky, but she also mentioned she sees cars speeding and blowing through stop signs on a daily basis and she’s not the only one. “My kid. She’s wondering where her mom is,” said Velaz. “I’m not there on time. There’s people everywhere. It was a lot.” Now the community is focused on coming together to make the roads safer for everyone.For Georgina, she said she also had something else on her mind. It was just like any other day. She hopped on her bike to pick up her 3rd grade daughter from the nearby elementary school around 2:30 in the afternoon. When she crossed the street at 7th and Donax, she said her life flashed before her eyes. “In good faith, I hoped that he would look my way and, unfortunately, people just don’t,” said Velez, “They’re very consumed in themselves and where they’re going and what they’re doing.” , This is a statement from a San Diego Sheriff’s Department Spokesperson:“Deputies with the Imperial Beach Sheriff’s Substation are always on the lookout for drivers who are speeding or breaking any other traffic laws.  We also rely on the public to let us know of any areas where they feel unsafe due to dangerous driving habits. We want to remind everyone to always be mindful of their surroundings.  If you’re driving a car or riding a bicycle, be sure to pay attention at all times. The Sheriff’s Department works closely with the City of Imperial Beach’s Public Works Department to identify trouble traffic areas and come up with solutions to keep the community safe.  To report any traffic violations or issues, call the Sheriff’s Department at (858) 565-5200 or the City of Imperial Beach’s Public Safety Department at (619) 423-8223.”Residents in the neighborhood suggested a three-way stop sign or even speed bumps.last_img read more

Bail bondsmen and others furious over legislation ending bail before trial

first_img , 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Bail bondsmen and other coalition groups speak out after California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed a bill making California the first state to eliminate bail for suspects awaiting trail.After Gov. Brown signed Senate Bill 10, also known as the California Money Bail Reform Act, legislators in San Diego applauded the dramatic move.California State Assemblymember Todd Gloria (D-San Diego) issued this statement:“California’s current cash money bail system is flawed. It unnecessarily penalizes poor people who cannot afford the high-cost of bail and it does not make our communities any safer. SB 10 provides us the opportunity to move toward a smarter, more just system that can make sure high-risk offenders remain behind bars and low-level offenders are not help in custody simply because of their inability to pay.”Under this new law, the state eliminates bail. Instead, they’re replacing bail with a risk-assessment system and leaving it up to the judges discretion.“Bail is a freedom. It’s under the constitution of California,” said Steffan Gibbs. “It’s the one way in which you can ensure that you are still presumed innocent until proven guilty.”Steffan Gibbs, Owner of All-Pro Bail Bonds San Diego, said bail is important. He believes it gives suspects, who are innocent until proven guilty, the opportunity to carry on with their life and felt they’re more likely to show up to pretrial.“Everything else, they can set a high bail,” said Gibbs. “Put a lot of people behind you, so you can get out, you go to your court appearances, you go back to work and you defend yourself in court with a nice set of clothing versus an orange outfit.”Under this new law, Gibbs strongest opinion was this — It takes away your civil rights.“They will very likely be locking up more people of color that, before, at least had an opportunity of freedom and at least had an opportunity to get out and go to work,” said Gibbs.With 150 employees and 20 offices in California, Gibbs is proud of the company he has built over the last 12 years. However, he said the law doesn’t take into account the impacts it will have on the bail industry.“Supposedly by Oct 2019, the legislators are not concerned about that and provided no relief to myself or my family and I will go bankrupt,” said Gibbs.According to Gibbs, he believed it’s more than just the bail industry that will hurt.“When two years from now, people that previously could have gotten out who were innocent could have gotten out but because of their charges or because of the perspective the judge has on them, finds out their going to be sitting in custody until their trial,” said Gibbs. “They haven’t seen people lose their jobs by sitting in jail for that long like under that deal.”Gibbs also said this will cost California hundreds of millions dollars.Just recently the American Civil Liberties Union changed positions and opposed the bail reform legislation.Executive Directors of the California ACLU affiliates, Abdi Soltani (Northern California), Hector Villagra (Southern California) and Norma Chavez Peterson (San Diego & Imperial Counties) released this statement:“We are disappointed to see Senate Bill 10 signed into law. SB 10 is not the model for pretrial justice and racial equity that California should strive for. It cannot guarantee a substantial reduction in the number of Californians detained while awaiting trial, nor does it sufficiently address racial bias in pretrial decision making. Indeed, key provisions of the new law create significant new risks and problems.We call on lawmakers to be vigilant to ensure racial justice and fairness in our pretrial system. A first step is following through on Senator Hertzberg’s commitment to address racial bias in risk assessment tools with new legislation. The implementation of this bill – and subsequent legislation in this area – must ensure a significant reduction in incarceration and also provide due process and promote racial justice. We will work with lawmakers and our community partners to achieve that goal.”Like many of the proponents of the bill, bail bondsman Steffan Gibbs agreed the current law is unfair to the poor, but he said bail guidelines should be reformed and he believed they need to discuss the real issues.KUSI’s Dani Ruberti has a look at the new law and why some people are saying it’s not right.Related story: Bill makes California first state to end bail before trial Bail bondsmen and others furious over legislation ending bail before trial August 29, 2018 Updated: 8:17 AM Posted: August 29, 2018 Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

ASA Celebrates EU Approval of LibertyLink® Soybeans

first_imgThe American Soybean Association (ASA) is pleased to learn that LibertyLink® soybeans (A2704-12) from Bayer CropScience have received final approval from the European Commission for importation into the European Union (EU) for food and feed use. This will allow the commercial launch of LibertyLink soybeans in the U.S. for the 2009 planting season.”It has been more than 10 years since the EU approved a biotech-enhanced soybean variety for importation,” said American Soybean Association (ASA) First Vice President Johnny Dodson, a soybean producer from Halls, Tenn., who chairs ASA’s Biotech Working Group. “We welcome the approval of LibertyLink soybeans and hope this approval will lead to a new era of timely, science-based EU reviews for biotech-enhanced seed products.”The approval provides U.S. soybean producers with market access to nearly half a billion consumers living in the 27 EU member states of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Most importantly, it provides livestock and poultry producers in these countries with access to high quality U.S. soybeans and soybean meal.”Since Bayer’s LibertyLink soybean technology is tolerant to glufosinate instead of glyphosate, farmers will have an additional in-crop weed control option,” Dodson said. “Being able to alternate herbicides provides an effective management tool to minimize the selection for herbicide resistant weeds, which will enhance the sustainability of U.S. soybean production.”Back in July 2008, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture also granted a safety certificate for LibertyLink® soybeans, which clears the way for imports of the soybeans into China, the largest importer of U.S. soybeans. LibertyLink soybeans are fully approved for food, feed and cultivation in the United States and Canada, and for importation and/or cultivation in Argentina, Australia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa and Taiwan.”U.S. growers look forward to this and several other new biotech-enhanced soybean varieties now under development that will offer important benefits to consumers, growers, and the environment, ranging from healthy oil profiles to increased yields to better weed control,” Dodson said. “ASA and Bayer have worked in partnership to educate foreign buyers on biotechnology and for regulatory clearance of Bayer’s LibertyLink soybean.”last_img read more

ASA Fellow Aggies Urge USDA to Continue all FGIS Inspection and Weighing

first_imgIn a letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack this week, ASA and multiple farm stakeholder groups urged USDA to take all actions necessary to provide official inspection and weighing services at grain export elevator facilities.“Congress has vested in FGIS the responsibility and obligation to provide vibrant and reliable official inspection and weighing services to facilitate efficient and cost-effective marketing of U.S. grains and oilseeds to foreign markets, upon which U.S. agriculture and the American economy depend for economic growth and jobs,” wrote the groups. “American farmers, grain handlers and exporters, as well as our foreign customers, depend upon accurate, timely and cost-effective delivery of mandated impartial third-party official inspection services administered by FGIS and its designated and delegated agencies.”A full copy of the letter is available here.[gview file=””]last_img read more

Bomb threat diverts Dominican Republicbound flight to FLL

first_imgJust after 7:15 p.m., BSO officials said the plane had been cleared and no device was found.After hours of waiting, workers loaded luggage back on board after it was screened a second time. The plane then took off for its final destination.No arrests have been reported.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. FORT LAUDERDALE-HOLLYWOOD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, FLA. (WSVN) – A flight headed to the Dominican Republic from New Jersey was diverted to Fort Lauderdale after, officials said, a passenger found a written bomb threat on board the plane.JetBlue Flight 893 had taken off from Newark Liberty International Airport, Saturday afternoon, and was heading to Santiago, Dominican Republic when, officials said, a passenger discovered the note with the bomb threat.Airline officials said the flight was diverted to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport “out of an abundance of caution.”“Better safe than sorry,” said onlooker Theresa Lehman, who is from Fort Myers. “I’d rather them do something to prevent it than get on the plane and find out there was a bomb and it go off,” she said.According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, the plane landed just after 4:15 p.m.7News video shows the travelers forced to get off the aircraft and wait as crews searched the plane for any possible device. Fire crews and police were standing by the entire time.Inside Terminal 3 at FLL, traveler Chelsea Zitnay from Washington, D.C. said the bomb threat put her on edge. “I’d be terrified. I fly a lot, for fun, not for work or anything,” she said. “I’m actually a nervous flyer. I don’t like doing it. It’s a means to an end to go places, have fun and see friends. That would make me freaked out and stop flying for a while.” last_img read more

Recommendations startup Canopy hires vets of Instagram New York Times

first_img Comment Getty Privacy-minded recommendations startup Canopy is adding to its ranks of Silicon Valley vets with two hires Tuesday: Matthew Ogle from Facebook’s Instagram and Bassey Etim from the New York Times.   The company is being built by people who’ve worked at Spotify, Instagram, Google and The New York Times, many of whom became disillusioned with how most digital personalization exploits consumers’ data. Canopy’s concept is to upend a fundamental concept that propelled many of the internet’s biggest companies to power: To get personalized service, you have to hand over troves of data about you. CNET may get a commission from retail offers. 1:41 $999 Apple iPhone XS 1 Review • iPhone XS review, updated: A few luxury upgrades over the XR Sprint On Tuesday, Canopy said that Ogle — who launched Spotify’s hit weekly personalized playlist feature Discover Weekly before moving to Instagram — will be leading Canopy’s overall consumer product. Etim, who spend a decade building community forums for The New York Times, will focus on developing “the voice” of Canopy’s recommendation architecture, the company said.  After coming out of stealth development last year, Canopy expected to launch its app early this year. Its premise is to give you a small set of recommendations daily for things you might like, such as songs or web articles or podcasts. But  the app is designed to never ask you to sign up or log in, and Canopy is building a wall between your device (and everything you do on it) and its servers, so your activity is private.  The Smartest Stuff: Innovators are thinking up new ways to make you, and the things around you, smarter. Apple: See what’s up with the tech giant as it readies new iPhones and more. Stronger data privacy laws may be coming to the US Best Buy Tags $999 See it Now playing: Watch this: Share your voice See It Mentioned Above Apple iPhone XS (64GB, space gray) See It Boost Mobile See It Preview • iPhone XS is the new $1,000 iPhone X $999 $999 Internet Services Privacy Facebook Instagram Spotifylast_img read more

Cargopassenger combi jets out from Alaska Airlines lineup in 2017

first_img(Photo from Airlines will be phasing out its combination cargo and passenger planes used in Southeast Alaska and elsewhere around the state.That announcement was reported Tuesday in the Alaska Dispatch News.The airline has five 737-400 “combi” aircraft capable of carrying up to 72 passengers along with a load of cargo, often seafood, in the front of the cabin.Company spokesperson Halley Knigge says the plan is to phase out those planes by 2017.“This is part of a broader plan to eventually phase out all of our 737-400 aircraft,” Knigge said. “We have 26 passenger 737-400 aircraft in our fleet as well. As we continue to grow we’re adding younger, more fuel efficient aircraft like the 737-900 ER, which can carry about 25 percent more passengers than a 400 while using the same amount of fuel.”Knigge said it’s too early to say what the change will mean for schedules in Alaska communities that are served by the “combi” planes.She said those five jets will be replaced with three converted 737-700 all-cargo freighters.“So the benefit of having a dedicated fleet of freighter is that it will allow us to offer a cargo schedule that really better serves the cargo needs of the communities we serve in the state of Alaska, as well as having dedicated full passenger aircraft as well,” she said.Knigge said the change represents a commitment by the company to continued freight service in rural Alaska.last_img read more

Houston Is a Global City As Much As New York Or Tokyo

first_img 00:00 /01:18 Listen Share George Bush Intercontinental websiteGeorge Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.The data reconfirms what the Greater Houston Partnership has always assumed: Houston is in the same category as New York, Tokyo, or other cities, based on trade, foreign investment, global connections and domination in certain aspects of the global economy.Patrick Jankowski,  senior Vice President of Research at the GHP says that the Houston region exports  about $97 billion a year. “Put that in perspective: $97 billion. The state of Texas budget for a year is $109 billion. So, basically, Houston exports the equivalent to the state of Texas budget every year.” Global corporations have made considerable investments in the Houston area. And there are 5,000 companies in Houston that are doing business overseas. Connectivity is enhanced by the 70 countries that are served by Houston airports. Jankowski says global cities usually dominate one aspect of the global economy, and Houston dominates the energy industry. “New York dominates finance. If you’re in the entertainment business, you’re going to be in Los Angeles, you’re going to be in Hollywood. If you’re going to be in fashion, it’s Paris. If you’re in the energy business, you either have to have a presence in Houston or you have to visit Houston on a regular basis.” Being the energy capital can be a double-edged sword. Oil prices are a global economy, so falling prices affect Houston’s economy. X To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code:last_img read more

MPs targeted with shocking antigay and antitrans leaflets

first_imgA third of LGBT teachers stay in the closetTory MP calls transgender women ‘he/she’ and says they should use men’s bathroomsLGBT Witch-hunt: North Carolina no longer welcomes transgender travelers and residentsPINK NEWS- It is understood that the shocking leaflets have been sent to a string of MPs from different parties.A parliamentary staffer who was distressed to receive the leaflet said it came with a note that claimed it was “a response to the call for evidence on the new compulsory ‘Relationships’ subjects for every English school.”The leaflet repeatedly compares young people being gay to the health dangers of smoking, and was fronted with an image of a cigarette packet.The text reads: “I am merely pointing out that the current fashion for praising and promoting a gay or transgender lifestyle among schoolchildren is not a good thing, but a thoroughly bad thing, like promoting smoking, adultery, lying, violence, stealing or overeating, etc.”Among the other comments the leaflet claimed that “most gay partnerships are unstable and have a strong tendency to be unstable.”It adds: “The influencing of impressionable young minds bought about by the teaching of such lifestyles erodes the ability to form future stable male/female relationships.“Therefore, to encourage or facilitate a child to consider opting for a gay lifestyle or to undergo a medical sex change procedure is bordering on institutional child abuse, which will leave the individual unable to function properly as either sex. PinkNews ExclusiveLeaflets claiming that being gay or transgender leads to “misery and death” have been sent to MPs.The pamphlets compare being LGBT to “smoking, adultery, lying, violence, stealing or overeating” and urge politicians to oppose LGBT-inclusive sex and relationships education.  eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) (Getty Images)“Contrary to popular opinion, it is far kinder to confirm a child in their true biological sex than in pander to destructive notions in a child’s mind; bought on mainly by living in an over sexualised society.”The leaflet is signed off with a web address that appears to not be currently in use.The leaflet is said to be in response to government plans to make sex and relationship education inclusive of young people aren’t heterosexual.Nick Gibb and husband Michael SimmondsLate last year minister Nick Gibb pledged that he will fight to make sex and relationship education LGBT-inclusive.Teaching SRE became statutory in all schools in 2017.This is despite a poll by YouGov for PinkNews showing that more than four in 10 Brits believe that children at primary school shouldn’t be taught about gay relationships in school.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading…last_img read more

More than 300 migrants arriving daily most to Cancun

first_imgCancun, Q.R. — Statistics show approximately 300 migrants arrive each day to the northern part of Quintana Roo with the highest percentage settling in Cancun.Enoel Pérez, federal delegate of the Secretary of Labor, said it is estimated that some 300 people arrive daily in the northern part of the state in search of better work and life opportunities.He explained that of those arriving, a majority are of the indigenous population from various areas of the country. He says that they arrive without any tourist work experience and / or lack of basic education and training and are exploited in low-paying jobs.In Cancun, he says they face a hostile environment where discrimination and marginalization prevent them from improving their quality of life, failing in the expectation of development that motivated them to move to Cancun.Of this segment of the population, Pérez says 75 percent live in the irregular quarters or settlements of the city with only 25 percent managing to have proper housing. He stressed that unemployment within the indigenous population in Cancun is very marked because since they lack skills, they are only hired for low-wage jobs.A majority, he explained, are employed in the construction industry as bricklayers, laborers and assistants, while in the tourism sector they are assigned to the gardening, cleaning or maintenance areas with minimum pay.The indigenous women, he adds, usually place themselves as domestic workers selling handicrafts and sweets or begging in the streets.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

In 2nd day of trial Honduran judges say they acted in defense

first_imgRelated posts:Honduran judges sacked for opposing 2009 coup seek reparations at Inter-American Court of Human Rights Miguel Facussé is dead: What does that mean for the people of Honduras? Honduras brings homicide rate down Honduran journalist travels to Costa Rica to denounce death threats, beating back home Lawyers for thefour judges dismissed in Honduras for objecting to the country’s 2009 coup clashed with adversaries from the government on Tuesday at the closing of a hearing at the Costa Rica-based Inter-American Court of Human Rights.The jurists sought the court’s help in restoring the constitutional order that had been broken in Honduras, said attorney Alfredo Ortega, with the Washington-based Center for Justice and International Law (Cejil), which is representing the former judges in the legal proceedings.But an attorney for the Honduran government, Jorge Serrano, said the group’s lawsuit is inadmissible because the judges’ dismissal is based on national legislation.In 2009, “the victims, acting as authentic defenders of democracy and human rights, carried out a series of actions to demand constitutional order be restored,” Ortega told the court in Cejil’s closing arguments for the two-day hearing.The plaintiffs, Guillermo López, Luis Alonso Chévez, Ramón Enrique Barrios and Tirza Flores, are all members of the Asociación de Jueces por la Democracia (Judges’ Association for Democracy, or AJD).The AJD voiced opposition to the bloody coup, which toppled Honduran President Manuel “Mel” Zelaya, who was sent into exile.López “took part in a march in which more than 200,000 people demanded the return to the rule of law,” something that “for him was not only his right as a citizen, but also his duty,” Ortega said.Chévez “was arbitrarily arrested for defending a group of demonstrators against the excessive use of force. At the same time, he questioned the Supreme Court’s response” to the coup, he added.The Honduran Supreme Court backed the coup, calling it a “constitutional succession,” rather than a coup.As a university professor, Barrios held a conference during which he stated that what had happened had not been a constitutional succession, Ortega said, adding that, “a summary of the conference was later published by local newspapers.”Flores “resorted to the justice system to denounce those allegedly responsible for the coup d’etat, and to protect the president who had been violently expelled,” he added.“For these actions, the judges and the magistrate were arbitrarily dismissed in a process that, among other violations, did not guarantee access to adequate and effective [legal] resources,” Ortega said.“Their acts, which generated disciplinary processes and their ultimate dismissals, were protected by the right to freedom of expression,” he added.“The exercise of freedom of expression also can be a duty for judges, due to their role as guarantors of the rule of law,” he said.Marcia Aguiluz, also a lawyer with Cejil, told the court that the Supreme Court “abused its power, violated the state’s international obligations and its own legislation.”She said, “In order to set a precedent, the Supreme Court chose these four people – all members of the Asociación de Jueces por la Democracia – to send … a clear message: If you challenge power, if you act independently, if you think differently, you’ll be expelled.”She asked the seven human rights court justices to set a precedent by favoring judicial independence.Serrano, representing the government, cited legislation that justified the judges’ dismissal.“We believe it doesn’t violate … precedents set by the Inter-American System,” he said.He added that Honduran legislation provides for a legal process for the protection of the rights that allegedly had been violated.Serrano asserted that, “the lawsuit should be considered inadmissible.”Colombian Justice Humberto Antonio Sierra, president of the Inter-American Court, said the parties have until March to file closing statements in writing. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Kerala Tourism goes Kindle with its destination books

first_imgFive well illustrated books on Kerala’s major tourism destinations explaining its rich history and natural beauty will now be available on Kindle. The five books, explaining Kerala’s rich history and its natural beauty are ‘Kerala and the Spice Routes’, ‘Silent Valley National Park’, ‘Periyar Tiger Reserve’, ‘Eravikulam National Park’ and ‘Parambikulam Tiger Reserve’.All these books are products of months of research and contain pictures taken by professionals in nature and wildlife photography. The books are not only a demonstration of state’s rich natural diversity, but also an attempt to create willing participants in forest and wildlife conservation and protection.last_img

Paris Rome and Venice may be the worlds most wel

first_imgParis, Rome and Venice may be the world’s most well known cities of love, but they can also be expensive, busy and quite frankly, a touch overrated. Skyscanner introduces 10 cities where love is still in the air (as opposed to overpriced hotels, rip off restaurants and commercialised romance).Edinburgh (UK) – if you’re after a good value break, but still want somewhere very beautiful, Scotland’s capital is the place to whisk your loved one away to. Wrap up warm (a scarf and woolly hat are essential in February) and take to the cobbled streets of this romantic city.If the weather permits, take a wander up round Arthur’s seat for a bird’s eye view of the city, or stroll along the Water of Leith in Stockbridge, before stopping off in one of the cosy basement pubs that are characteristic of the city. Find cheap flights to EdinburghLjubljana (Slovenia) – perhaps one of the most underrated cities of romance, Slovenia’s pretty little capital is ideal for lovers. Ride the glass cable car up to the medieval Ljubljana castle, which offers panoramic views of the city, then stroll along the banks of the blue-green Ljubljanica River and dine in one of the chic, yet unpretentious cafes and restaurants that line the banks. Find cheap flights to LjubljanaAmsterdam (Netherlands) – it may be better known for being a city of sin, but the Dutch capital is also a city of love. Take a romantic boat tour along one of its 165 canals to get a better look at some of its 1281 beautiful bridges, and the tall thin houses that line the waterways. Dine in a candle-lit pannekoekenhuis (pancake house), before relaxing at one of the cities chilled Jazz bars. If you’re feeling frisky – there’s always the sex museum too. Find cheap flights to AmsterdamHelsinki (Finland) – a cool capital both in culture and temperature, this Finnish city will inspire you to snuggle up together inside a cosy bar, after a stroll through the snow-laden streets. Surrounded by the sea and its own exotic archipelago, Helsinki’s combines cosmopolitan chic with natural beauty to produce romantic trip, a little off the beaten path of love. Find cheap flights to Helsinki Bath (UK) – the South West’s poster girl, Bath is an architecturally elegant city which is listed as a World Heritage site. Though named after the roman bath houses for which it was famous, these days you can only visit the ancient Roman Bath house for historic reasons. However, couples can still get into hot water in the Thermae Bath Spa, which offers immersion in Britain’s only naturally heated waters, a range of massage treatments and the chance to look out over the city from the open air balcony pool. Find cheap flights to BristolBergen (Norway) – gateway to Norway’s fjord land, this coastal city is ideal for a romantic getaway. A small, friendly city which was crowned European City of Culture in 2000, couples will find romantic charm in its colourful higgledy-piggledy houses, cobbled streets and parks, plus there’s mountains and fjords nearby for the outdoor inclined. Find cheap flights to BergenBruges (Belgium) – architecturally beautiful, no couple could fail to fall under Bruges’ romantic spell. A medieval maze of cobbled streets, canals and squares has earned it the nickname, “The Venice of the North”. This pretty and perfectly preserved example of medieval settlement is also a haven for choc-o-holics – visit the Choco-Story museum which tells the tale of chocolate and enjoy the free samples along the way. Find cheap flights to Brussels (about 1.5 hours from Bruges).Galway (Ireland) – situated on Ireland’s rugged west coast, Galway is nicked named Ireland’s cultural heart, and renowned for its vibrant lifestyle, numerous festivals and art galleries. A great city for lively couples, live music abounds in the traditional cosy pubs – perfect for dancing a romantic Irish jig. Find cheap flights to GalwayVienna (Austria) – a city of sophistication, lovers here can stare into each other’s eyes over a cup of dark coffe at one of the city’s frequented coffee houses, catch some culture at The Vienna State Opera ( and indulge on the obligatory Wiener Schnitzel. Snow bunnies can even take to the hills and enjoy some city skiing at Hohe Wand Wiese. Find cheap flights to ViennaIstanbul (Turkey) – perhaps not the first city that comes to the minds of amorous couples, nether the less, Turkey’s intoxicating capital has a very romantic side too. An astonishingly beautiful city, spread over seven hills and surrounded by water, take a tour across the mighty Bosphorus, the straits that separate Europe and Asia, then sample a delicious meze platter for two. Find cheap flights to IstanbulFind more cheap flights around the world with Skyscanner.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map Related7 romantic city breaks in EuropeLove is all you need, but whisking your sweetheart away to Paris, Barcelona or Lisbon will probably earn you a few brownie points. Here are seven places in Europe to take your lover for a romantic city break, whether it’s Valentine’s Day, or you just fancy treating that someone special.Bargains of the week: Edinburgh | Ljubljana | New YorkBargains of the week: Edinburgh | Ljubljana | New YorkWorld’s top 10 most romantic destinationsFrom Lover to Kissing, get in the mood for love with these 10 most romantically-named places in the world.last_img read more

Related More Brits booking flights to Hungary and

first_img RelatedMore Brits booking flights to Hungary and IsraelGrowing numbers of holidaymakers are booking flights to Hungary and Israel to escape the eurozonePegasus to launch new flights to Turkish holiday destinationsPegasus to launch new flights to Turkish holiday destinationsHow to see Turkey on a budgetMelding together the sun-bleached beaches of the Mediterranean with the mystery and allure of the Middle East, Turkey is a fascinating destination to visit at any time of year. As an added bonus, the current pound to lira exchange rate also makes it a particularly inexpensive travel choice. Whether you’re… An increased demand for holidays to Turkey this summer has prompted the setting-up of the University of Exeter’s foreign language centre’s ‘Holiday Turkish’ course.Passengers travelling from the Devon airport have taken part in a free taster session in order to learn key phrases and expressions in preparation for their Turkish break.Turkish teacher Anil Lee, who has lived in Exeter for over 20 years, said she was happy with the reception the Turkish course received.”I’ve never known so much interest in Turkey as a holiday destination,” she remarked.”More and more people are taking up language courses in Turkish to help make their holiday that extra bit special.”The university’s foreign language centre will also offer ‘Holiday Spanish’ courses, with classes designed to be “practical and fun” and concentrating on everyday and holiday situations.Courses will last for 16 hours in total and will run for eight evenings in June.Exeter Airport recently announced that it would welcome a series of charter flights this summer from Austria.The flights will be operated by a German tour company which will guide tourists around landmarks in Exeter, Devon and Cornwall. ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more