Kate Bernheimer speaks on writing fairy tales

first_imgThe Creative Writing Program welcomed fairy tale author Kate Bernheimer on Wednesday evening as this week’s guest author.Joyelle McSweeney, the program director of the Creative Writing Program, said the program’s faculty chooses writers each week for their “interesting body of work and their interesting approach to writing.”Caroline Genco | The Observer This week’s author was selected by Professor Steve Tomasula, one of the directors of the Readings series the program sponsors. In his introduction of the author, he said Kate Bernheimer has been called “the master of the modern fairy tale.” Bernheimer is the author of “How a Mother Weaned Her Girl from Fairy Tales,” “The Complete Tales of Ketzia Gold” and other fairy tale novels and short-story collections.“I think of fairy tales as a kind of language that we know before we know language,” Bernheimer said. “I was drawn to them for their poetics. Not so much as ‘princess-gets-married stories,’ but as stories of survival above all.” Bernheimer said her interest in fairy tales started when she was a young child reading at her local public library.“For me, it was a safe haven,” she said. “I could walk there and read quietly to my heart’s content and … nobody bothered me.” Soon, Bernheimer said she was venturing into the adult section of the library and reading the Brothers Grimm and other fairy tales.She said her grandfather also influenced her love of fairy tales from a young age. “My maternal grandfather worked as a freelance publicist in Boston for Disney in the late ‘60s and ‘70s and he got to take home films,” Bernheimer said. The “technicolor madness” and aesthetic experience appealed to her as a child, she said.As a younger writer, Bernheimer said she was encouraged to write other genres.“I didn’t think of fairy tales as an art form. I was really encouraged to leave childish things behind and childhood and write what people considered to be ‘real’ stories,” she said.However, Bernheimer said, she was never able to shake free from the fairy tale writing form, despite never having been taught any fairy tale writing technique in school.Bernheimer said when she was working on her first novel, she stumbled upon a shelf of fairy tale scholarship. Bernheimer said this helped her finally embrace writing fairy tales.“What I wanted is what I always wanted when I was a kid at the library,” she said. “[I wanted] to enter a story and not be disparaged for the kind of story I liked … ”Bernheimer said she works to advocate for more acceptance of fairy tales through her own writing and through the work of others.She said fairy tales are often accused of being escapist stories, but she appreciates that aspect of them.“I love that they are accused of the very thing that they are about. … Let’s embrace the escapist because sometimes you do need to escape a bad situation. … I’m for escapism and the sometimes radical behavior it takes, and sure, a little bit of wishing for luck and for magic as well,” she said.Tags: fairy tales, kate bernheimerlast_img read more

Colombian Armed Groups Exploit Venezuelan Minors

first_imgBy Myriam Ortega / Diálogo January 27, 2020 In late 2019, several international organizations reported that Colombian illegal armed groups have been exploiting Venezuelan minors. Groups such as the National Liberation Army (ELN, in Spanish), dissidents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC, in Spanish), Clan del Golfo, and other criminal rings engaged in narcotrafficking, illegal mining, or human trafficking recruit Venezuelan children and teenagers in the border areas between Colombia and Venezuela, the organizations said.“Armed groups control the border, and crossing it poses various challenges,” María Paula Martínez, executive director of the nongovernmental organization (NGO) Save the Children Colombia, told Diálogo. “Children and teenagers are exposed to human trafficking, the dynamics of sexual exploitation, and child labor.”The NGO Human Rights Watch also reported abuses from Colombian armed groups against Venezuelan minors. Its October report The War in Catatumbo, reveals the difficulties Venezuelans face in Norte de Santander department, which borders Venezuela and is one of Colombia’s most violent regions.“Sometimes, boys and girls are forced to join an armed group, after group members threaten to kill them or their families. Other times, they do it under the promise of money,” the report indicates.Several groups involved in narcotrafficking and related crimes (that engage in turf wars to control the region) operate in Catatumbo and the surrounding areas of Cúcuta (capital of Norte de Santander), and recruit Venezuelan and Colombian minors to harvest coca leaf. Some teenagers work in micro-trafficking, while others, for example, are used for intelligence work —surveillance of certain areas or people — or as combatants, “because they [members of armed groups] know that they [the minors] can be easily replaced,” Colombian Army Captain César Augusto López Quintero, professor at the War College of Colombia’s Military Forces and expert in armed conflict and terrorism, told Diálogo.“They make the girls cook, they use them as sexual partners,” Martínez said. “Some of them [the girls] start selling [coffee], but it’s common for many residents in border areas to perceive them as sexual workers. And they offer them money for sex, whether they are working or not.”According to Colombia’s Observatory of Women and Gender Equality, 99 percent of foreign female sex workers are Venezuelan.In November, Alfonso Negret, who leads Colombia’s Ombudsman’s Office, condemned the forced enlisting of Colombian and Venezuelan minors at the border between both countries. Venezuelan migrants run the risk of falling into the hands of criminal groups, due to their vulnerability, said Negret, who called for the State to guarantee the protection of minors who defect from these armed groups.While it isn’t known exactly how many children are under the control of armed groups, the Colombian government said that almost 200 had been rescued from criminal organizations in 2019, though it did not specify whether the number included Venezuelan minors.Migración Colombia, the government agency responsible for controlling and monitoring migration in the country, said that more than 1.6 million Venezuelans were in Colombia after escaping their country’s economic crisis. According to the institution’s latest data, issued on October 31, 20 percent of Venezuelan migrants live in Bogotá. Norte de Santander is the department with the second highest number of Venezuelan migrants, more than 180,000.last_img read more

5 Things that Should Make You Mad this Week

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York No. 1: #Ferguson I’ve kept purposely quiet for a few reasons. 1 – This isn’t Long Island (a cop-out of which I’m aware), 2 – All of the facts aren’t in yet. We can speculate, but I don’t know what happened, although based on history and how the police have handled the fallout, we can make some safe assumptions. And 3 – Because who feels like jumping into the fray, with all of the inevitable backlash? In the past, I’ve felt empowered by righteous indignation to face off against any and all criticism or personal attacks that comes with writing about race and guns (well, most personal attacks.) (Well, some.). But in the aftermath of things I’ll address below, I’m having a tough time rolling up the window that protects me from feeling the sharpness of every mean, ignorant, racist, ugly comment. So I’ve chosen to stay out of it.However, I was getting my hair cut Friday by the hairdresser I’ve been seeing for a little over a year. Run by a sweet older married couple, this salon is a throwback to old family-run businesses, the Cheers version of beautification, where everyone knows your name. As the shop owner snipped around my ears, she made some casual conversation, as hairdressers are wont to do.“Did you hear what Oprah said?” she asked me, in a mock whisper and furtive glances left and right that alerted me that whatever came next out of her mouth would be offensive to black people. She saw none in the shop, so she felt safe to continue. “She said that because of what’s going on in Missouri, if they just killed all the white people, the whole problem would be solved!”“Oprah said that?”“Yes!”“Did you hear Oprah say that?”“Yes,” she said, which was a lie, since as soon as I got my hands on my iPhone and did a little Googling, I saw that there was nothing in the news that could have even taken something Oprah said and twisted it into this gross interpretation. By saying she’d heard Oprah say that, she meant that someone had whispered the same thing to her, in the same chair in which I sat, imprisoned by a lady with a sharp scissor. “I’m not prejudiced,” she assured me, which pretty much settled that, “But they go around called us bigots?”In the words of my friend Floyd, “Anyone who says, “Now, I’m not a racist, but… ” is a ginormous racist-y racist and is about to say something horrendously racist.This. This is how the class warfare disguised as race riots are being interpreted by some Long Islanders. And why this is the number one thing you should be angry about this week.No. 2: A few weeks ago, the Press published an Op-Ed where I asserted that the NRA should be classified as a terrorist group in addition to the lobbyist label. While many agreed and commented in an Amen-type fashion, there was a healthy amount of dissension. But this guy, Kurt Hofmann of Jews for the Preservation of Gun Ownership, was so overtaken with how irrelevant my opinion was that he dedicated an entire blog post to it. He believes that when I said that KFC’s brilliant marketing strategy that dropped the word “fried” from their brand was influential to how gun manufacturers and the NRA that supports them attempted to change the definition of “school shootings” to sell the country on how not big a deal they are, it was just stupid. Because they were never called the “National Fried Rifle Association.” Checkmate, Kurt.The discovery of his blog and this group (This is what I get when I Google myself. One of these days I’ll go blind) led me to dig a little deeper. I can appreciate the idea that gun confiscation could give rise to the fear that a tyrannical force could take over a defenseless populace (except you know, when it does), even if the idea that even military-grade weaponry would be any match for the US military coming for its citizens is not only silly and ill-informed, but dangerous.Yet, this mindset gets blurry for me when they address children. We all saw Stephen Colbert ridicule the book “My Parents Open Carry,” but I had no idea this was a thing. The JPGO has their own version, complete with a gun-toting mascot names Brasco, The Liberty Bear. He has his own coloring book.Because kids and guns go together like peanut butter and jelly. If peanut butter and jelly killed them.No. 3: If you’ve been on the Internet at all the last few weeks, you’ve been overrun by videos of first your friends, then your relatives and neighbors, and now celebrities and professional athletes, and ex-President George Bush participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge which has raised more than $31.5 million since its inception. Former President George W. Bush taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. (Photo credit: YouTube)By now, you’ve also been subjected to the indignation of those who are faux outraged that this is a bullying tactic designed to coerce unwilling donations through public embarrassment. There are also people who are angry that the money is being raised for ALS and not some other disease that that particular friend on your newsfeed has deemed ever more worthy. Or that it’s just tiresome already. Or that it hasn’t raised enough money, because these bucket-dumpers forgot to include www.alsa.org for their Facebook friends who don’t know how to use the Internet.To them I say: adjust your settings so that you don’t see any more Ice Bucket Challenges. Fair warning: you then won’t see any Ice Bucket Challenge fails, which will culminate in a giant loss on your part because seeing people get knocked on the head with coolers has not yet gotten old by any stretch.Donate your money to whatever causes you deem appropriate. Brag about it on Facebook. Or do it anonymously. Or brag about how you do it anonymously.But with all the divisiveness, war, tragedy, and strife in the world, I think we could all use a little cooling off.James Foley, Tripoli (Libya) airport, August 2011. (Photo by Jonathan Pedneault, courtesy of FreeJamesFoley.org and “Find James Foley” Facebook page)No. 4: I haven’t watched the YouTube video of the New Hampshire-born journalist James Foley’s murder in Syria this Tuesday, and I won’t. I haven’t been able to get the brutal execution of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was beheaded in Pakistan in 2002, out of my head. His pregnant wife’s stricken face has haunted me ever since. Foley, a journalist who knew bravery I’ll never truly understand, whose compulsion to get the story led him beyond the Turkish border into Syria, died a hero. We’ve come to recognize heroism in those running toward danger—firemen and cops rushing toward the burning World Trade Center towers—when the rest of us flee, either physically or mentally. His death makes us confront some ugly realities in a very complicated world.And if you’re paying attention, it should make you very angry.No. 5: The death of Robin Williams hit us all in our collective guts. For some, they were completely blindsided. For the rest of us, we’d recognized something in the comedian that we’d seen in somebody we knew, and the sad news brought back a lot of bad, helpless feelings. He touched most of us, in one way or another, though memories disguised as laughter that followed us from childhoods of Mork and Mindy and Comic Relief specials on HBO to iconic and sometimes dramatic roles.I feel a kinship with his daughter who’s been left with a well of unimaginable loss and a lot more questions than can ever be answered. She recently had to close her Twitter account, because the direct access to strangers that can and has been used as a binding thread to connect us, also lets in horrific images presented by anonymous trolls. Some of these trolls thought it would be a good idea to torment Williams’ daughter Zelda with Photoshopped pictures of her father’s head on other people’s dead bodies. From what I can gather, the impetus behind this is simply because it’s possible.Eff you, trolls.last_img read more

FCU Bylaws 2019 Update: Board of Directors

first_img continue reading » Greetings Compliance Friends!The NAFCU Compliance Team has been tirelessly combing through NCUA’s recent final rule which makes several updates to the FCU model bylaws located in Appendix A to Part 701.  NAFCU previously addressed aspects of the final rule hereand here. The final rule also makes a handful of amendments to Board of Director requirements under Article VI. Notable changes include a new option to appoint a director emeritus, increased flexibility to remove board and committee members who fail to regularly attend board meetings, clarifications on the composition of the board, as well as other minor clarifications that provide flexibility to federal credit unions.Director Emeritus and Associate Director RolesNCUA has received requests for guidance on establishing director emeritus and associate director positions since at least 2003. These are general advisory roles whereby individuals may assist the credit union during board meetings and other tasks, but may not vote. NCUA has previously opined that the board has discretion to add such advisory roles under the Federal Credit Union Act. These opinions are now integrated into the bylaws. See e.g., NCUA Legal Opinion Letter 03-1029. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Long hard climb: Students clamber over a wall to reach their school in Kupang

first_imgPenkase Oeleta subdistrict head Felipus Mau said the property in dispute between Bobby and another businessmen was Yano Laimonta or Cai Cong. He added the wall was erected due to the dispute.“We undertook a serious mediation meeting between the related parties, including the two businessmen, so the road could be reopened for the public’s interest” Felipus said.Frengky said he wished that Bobby would open the access road again for the school students.The subdistrict head said his office was waiting for the Kupang National land Agency (BPN Kupang) to settle the dispute by, among other efforts, measuring plots of land owned by the two businessmen.Felipus went on to say that Bobby had agreed to open the access road for the students, although the businessman said he would wait for officials from BPN Kupang to complete the measurement.The subdistrict head said a 6-meter-wide road would be opened for the public. (gis)Topics : School teachers were worried that students’ safety would be put under harm because they needed to climb the wall. It also made students to arrive late in school, as the access road is the shortest way to reach the school.An alternative road to the school would add an additional 10 to 20 minutes walking.Read also: East Manggarai to rebuild ‘unfit’ school following media coverageThe access road was blocked by property construction done by a company led by local businessman Bobby Pitoby, who owns the land. A wall was erected surrounding the construction area. A four-meter-tall wall has blocked an access road leading to Petra private Christian elementary school in Alak district, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), forcing students to climb over it on their way to the school.“It has been over a week since the landowner built that wall. It forces children to climb the wall to get to the school,” Petra elementary school principal Frengky Kase told The Jakarta Post on Monday.He added local residents had been using the road for around 20 years. Apart from Petra elementary school, the wall had also hampered students of Petra kindergarten and state vocational school SMKN 7 Kupang from reaching their respective schools.last_img read more

China’s Alibaba to open third cloud center in Indonesia next year

first_imgChinese tech behemoth Alibaba plans to open its third cloud data center in Indonesia by next year in expanding its presence in the Indonesian market amid rising competition.Alibaba Cloud, a subsidiary of Alibaba, said Tuesday the latest data center would minimize data loss-related risks by dividing workloads between the company’s three centers in Indonesia. The first center was built in 2018 and the second in 2019. Read also: Google launches first Cloud region in Indonesia“This is very important as many businesses – including traditional enterprises such as banks – are shifting their IT infrastructure to the cloud amid the pandemic,” wrote Alibaba Cloud in a statement.The cloud provider neither disclosed the centers’ investment value nor their general location.Indonesia’s major cities, starting with Jakarta, formally entered a partial lockdown in late April, causing an uptick in demand for digital services including e-commerce, finance, online media, education and video games. All these services are lucrative markets for Alibaba.However, rival tech giants Google and Amazon also plan to expand their cloud service subsidiaries in Indonesia, which is the single largest digital economy in Southeast Asia.Google Cloud opened a new Jakarta region in late June, bringing its services closer to local customers, while Amazon Web Services plans to build a data center in 2022.Alibaba Cloud country manager Leon Chen said his company would also build a data scrubbing center alongside the third data center in Indonesia.Read also: Alibaba adds new cloud-native services in IndonesiaScrubbing would improve system reliability as cybersecurity attacks “have grown in intensity and technology with many businesses moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud,” he said.Communications and Information Minister Johnny G. Plate, in the statement, reminded Alibaba Cloud to comply with Indonesian policy and regulations over data management.“We hope data management processes will be carried out in accordance with the Indonesian government’s principles on data management, which are principles of legal validity, compliance and transparency,” he said.Topics :last_img read more

Airlines ask EU, White House to adopt COVID-19 testing program for passengers

first_imgMajor US and European Union airlines asked the EU and White House on Tuesday to consider a joint US-EU program to test airline passengers for COVID-19 as a way to allow people to travel once again between the United States and Europe.In a letter to US Vice President Mike Pence and Ylva Johansson, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, the chief executives of American Airlines, United Airlines , Lufthansa and International Airlines Group requested “the safe and swift restoration of air travel between the United States and Europe.”Nearly all Europeans are currently barred from traveling to the United States and similar restrictions are in place for Americans seeking to travel to most of the EU because of the coronavirus pandemic. “We recognize that testing presents a number of challenges, however we believe that a pilot testing program for the transatlantic market could be an excellent opportunity for government and industry to work together and find ways to overcome obstacles and explore all solutions to protect health, build confidence, and safely restore passenger travel between the US and Europe,” the airlines wrote in the letter.Lufthansa spokesman Andreas Bartels said the airline “wanted to raise this topic because we think there is the possibility to test people at the airport, as we have demonstrated in Frankfurt.”US and EU officials in June discussed the idea of testing as a way to allow Americans to travel to the EU but did not reach agreement.In June, the European Union excluded the United States from its initial “safe list” of countries from which the bloc will allow nonessential travel.Last week the US State Department said foreign students coming from Europe are exempt from travel restrictions adopted in March. The State Department said in a memo seen by Reuters it would offer exemptions for some au pairs. Topics :last_img read more

Dowell dazzles in Texas Nationals IMCA Modified feature

first_imgBy J.M. HallasWACO, Texas (July 4) – J.P. Dowell scored the big $1,500 Texas IMCA Nationals payday, mak­ing a convincing run to the Xtreme Motor Sports IMCA Modified checkers.The new Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot qualifier won the pole dash, started from the front row and led every circuit in the 25-lap, caution-free main event.Dowell beat Kevin Green into turn one when the green flag waved. Justin Radcliff and former na­tional champion Keith White both got by Green but by that time Dowell had already checked out on the field.Even lapped traffic didn’t deter Dowell as he continued his domination, dicing through slower cars. At the checkers Dowell had nearly a straightaway advantage over Radcliff and White.“I was a little worried about lapped traffic. I knew the car was good and I watched the track and the lines I was going to take. I picked them off real easy and got by them,” Dowell said. “When you’ve got a good car underneath you, it’s easy to do. I’m happy and it’s one of those nights that everything works out perfect.”Hometown racer Jeff Sheppard scored the biggest win of his career, taking home $1,000 for the Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center Southern SportMod victory.Charles Cosper also took home $1,000, for the IMCA Sunoco Stock Car win, while Andy Roller raced to the $600 IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock checkers.Sheppard jumped out front early and was chased by Trevor Egbert and Robert Scrivner. He put some distance on both before encountering traffic with 10 laps left.A late caution erased what was left of Sheppard’s lead but Egbert and Scrivner traded some paint on the restart, giving him the opportunity to ease away and take the win unchallenged.“I never looked at the scoreboard. I normally do. I knew Egbert was there, I knew Scrivner was there. There are so many regulars who have won these races and have been fast every week here,” Sheppard said. “I had some bad luck earlier this year and was determined to run my own race as hard as I could, keep my equipment until the end and I think what held up.”After nearly getting caught up with a spinning car, Cosper was promoted to the point and led much of the Stock Car feature with B.J. Dulock right behind.He held onto that slim advantage following a late caution that set up a green, white, checkered finish.“This was the race I won last year right before my father passed suddenly the next week. It was the last race my dad got to see me drive. It’s been a tough couple weeks with Fathers Day and this race,” Cosper said. “I won at 281 Speedway on Fathers Day and this brings up a lot of emo­tions. It feels like it just happened yesterday. I’d give anything to get a little bit more time with him. I wish he was here right now.”Roller caught Chayson Bishnow and then Jeremy Oliver at midway for the Hobby Stock lead.He got into traffic with two to go but easily kept Oliver in his wake on the way to victory lane.“This is my first win of the year here, Jeremy’s won most of them. It feels good to win here. I like winning big shows and the big checks,” Roller said. “Hopefully the rest of the season goes that way, too.”Feature ResultsModifieds – 1. J.P. Dowell; 2. Justin Radcliff; 3. Keith White; 4. Jason Batt; 5. Kevin Green; 6. Dwayne Grantham; 7. Dean Abbey; 8. Johnny Sheets; 9. David Goode Jr.; 10. Chase Jupe; 11. Brandon Hood; 12. Ronnie Warren; 13. Raymond McSpadden; 14. Joe Spillman; 15. Jarrett Rob­erts; 16. Robert Liese Jr.; 17. Jerry Frydrych; 18. Ken Old; 19. Robert Stewart; 20. Brian Walker; 21. Doug Lorenz; 22. Billy Bachmeyer; 23. Dillon Smith; 24. Will Poston.Southern SportMods – 1. Jeff Sheppard; 2. Trevor Egbert; 3. Jeffrey Abbey; 4. Robert Scrivner; 5. Chris Cogburn; 6. Steve Hayes; 7. George Egbert; 8. Garett Rawls; 9. T.J. Green; 10. Chris Birmingham; 11. Steve Wade; 12. Sid Kiphen; 13. Damon Hammond; 14. Robby Minten; 15. Don Painter; 16. Thomas Bennett; 17. Andrew Richards; 18. Sarah Goode; 19. Chad Hughes; 20. Calen Mohler; 21. Ronnie Bell; 22. Talon Minten; 23. James Holder; 24. Carlton Brunson.Stock Cars – 1. Charles Cosper; 2. B.J. Dulock; 3. Ryan Powers; 4. Brandon Hood; 5. Pat Wil­son; 6. Peter Delevan; 7. Robin Batt; 8. Westin Abbey; 9. Jared Rady; 10. Matt Hood, 11. Thomas Hall Sr.; 12. Juston McCullough; 13. Tony Hamil; 14. Anthony Otken; 15. Eric Jones; 16. Ken Plon­sky; 17. Damon Hammond; 18. Joe O’Bryan; 19. John Frydrych; 20. Markiss Harcrow; 21. Sam Sovey; 22. Zach Riley.Hobby Stocks – 1. Andy Roller; 2. Jeremy Oliver; 3. Shannon Dulock; 4. Brandon Geurin; 5. Mark Geurin; 6. Hayden Wade; 7. Chayson Bishnow; 8. Wesley Warren; 9. Stephanie Hender­son; 10. Joe Williams; 11. Stacey Robinette; 12. Dale Caswell; 13. Chad Bowman; 14. Jordan Kornegay; 15. Jeremy Hendrix; 16. Christian Hunt; 17. Max Brazeal; 18. J.B. Whalley.last_img read more

Andre Russell is a billion dollar man for Kolkata Knight Riders: Chris Lynn

first_imgBengaluru: It was another blitzkrieg from Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) all-rounder Andre Russell that saw his team snatch victory from the jaws of defeat at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium here against the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), but KKR skipper Dinesh Karthik wants the others to rise to the challenge, especially the bowlers.While praising Russell for putting together another masterpiece, Karthik added that the bowlers too needed to take responsibility. The captain also appreciated the way Chris Lynn started at the top of the innings with a 31-ball 43. “Those kind of knocks, you don’t talk much. We trust him as a player. It’s important to give him an atmosphere where he’s happy and he just keeps performing. Yes, it was hard to play strokes against spinners with the ball gripping but was easier against the fast bowlers,” he said after the game on Friday. “I think as much as well he batted, it’s time we all started to bowl better and help the batters. It was nice to see Lynn bat like that and take responsibility.”Lynn though was all praise for Russell and said that the West Indian is just too good. Looking back at the game, he added that both teams gave opportunities to the other (on the field), but Russell just turned everything in favour of KKR with the bat in hand. “We keep putting him in tough situations and he keeps lifting his game. He is just too good. Two-hundred and fifteen was probably par on that wicket. Both teams gave opportunities. We dropped Kohli and AB de Villiers and RCB also dropped a couple of chances. Luck was on our side. Change of fortune for us. It is unbelievable and entertaining for us. He keeps doing it. He is a billion dollar man for KKR,” he said. IANSAlso Read: SPORTS NEWSlast_img read more

Jaggesar, Beaton sink Sri Lanka A

first_imgWEST Indies A’s bowlers combined to pick up a 165-run win in the first unofficial ODI against Sri Lanka A in Dambulla. The win was set up by their new-ball pair of Ronsford Beaton and Delorn Johnson, whose early strikes broke the back of Sri Lanka’s chase of 268.Offspinner Jon-Russ Jaggesar then accelerated Sri Lanka A’s slide with wickets of the middle and lower order; he finished with career-best figures of 4 for 29 as Sri Lanka A were bowled out for 102.Ronsford BeatonRonsford BeatonAfter electing to bat, West Indies A compiled 267 over two days, as rain intervened to push the match into a reserve day, just 12.5 overs into the innings.The innings was built around three important contributions. Opening batsman Kyle Hope set up the platform by holding his end amid frequent strikes. He top-scored with 81. West Indies A captain Jason Mohammed and Rovman Powell provided the late thrust with half-centuries.West Indies A began the reserve day on 69 for 2. Hope resumed on 28, with Andre Fletcher, on 7, for company. The two added another 42 for the third wicket, before Fletcher fell to the left-arm spin of Milinda Siriwardana. Hope added 63 with Mohammed for the fourth wicket before being bowled by Amila Aponso, the left-arm spinner.By that time, he had got to his second half-century and his List A career-best score. Powell then joined Mohammed and slammed 55 off just 35 balls, hitting three fours and as many sixes. Both Mohammed and Powell fell in the last over, but their efforts had helped West Indies A slap 93 in the last 10 overs.Beaton and Johnson took the first four wickets within seven overs of the chase to leave Sri Lanka A reeling at 26 for 4. Jaggesar entered the wickets column when he broke a 23-run fifth-wicket stand – the highest Sri Lanka A could put together – by dismissing Minod Bhanuka. He added the scalps of Chartih Aslanka and Dasun Shanaka to his name as the slide continued. Shehan Jayasuriya top-scored with 24 at No. 8, but that was of little significance to the result.Beaton finished with 3 for 26 in 6.3 overs – his best in List A – and Johnson finished with 2 for 19 in four overs. The second match takes place in Kurunegala tomorrow, before the series concludes with the third and final game on Sunday in Colombo. (ESPN Cricinfo)last_img read more