Amendments to Cellphone Legislation

first_img allowing customers to have a 15-day trial period to ensure the service meets their needs providing caps on monthly charges: $100 for roaming and $50 for overage charges rules governing prepaid service contracts requiring companies to allow customers to unlock their phones at a specified price The cyberbullying provision will move to the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act, helping the Department of Justice’s cyber safety initiatives. Cellphone service providers will continue to provide educational materials to customers that support responsible cellphone use. Nova Scotians will be protected under provincial cellphone rules until June, when the federal Wireless Code applies to all contracts. Cellphone users in Nova Scotia will have broader protection when a new federal Wireless Code applies to all cellphone contracts on June 3, 2015. Currently, the federal Wireless Code only applies to contracts that start on or after Dec. 1, 2013. In June, it will apply to all cellphone contracts, no matter when they began. Because of this, provincial provisions, which only apply to contracts made on or after May 1, 2013, will no longer be needed, and will be repealed when the federal code covers all cellphone contracts. Service Nova Scotia Minister Mark Furey introduced amendments to the Consumer Protection Act today, Oct. 23, which will allow the cellphone legislation to be repealed and amend the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act to preserve protections against cyberbullying. The federal Wireless Code covers areas addressed in the provincial legislation with a few updates, which include:last_img

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