Court bans Twin City Roofing for ‘willful contempt’ in fraud case

first_imgYesterday, the Vermont Superior Court, Washington Unit found Donald Bevins, a Williston-based home improvement contractor, in ‘willful contempt’ of Court orders containing ‘specific provisions intended to protect the public from home improvement fraud and provide for restitution to victims.’ Under the terms of the Order, Bevins is prohibited from entering into any new contracts for home repair, from setting foot on any work site where roofing work is underway, and is completely barred from working as a roofing contractor. The ban applies to Bevins individually as well as Twin City Roofing, Inc. and any other corporations Bevins represents. The Court Order notes, ‘at the hearing today, the court advised Mr. Bevins that failure to comply with this order is likely to result in sanctions from the court, including incarceration (jail).’‘The Court’s ruling is a strong message to home improvement businesses that Vermont consumers will be protected,’ said Attorney General Sorrell. ‘Operations like the one Donald Bevins was running won’t be allowed to stay in business if they ignore the rights of consumers.’The Office of Attorney General maintains the State’s Home Improvement Fraud Registry, a state-wide listing of individuals who have been criminally convicted or resolved civil claims by the State for ‘home improvement fraud.’Source: Attorney General. 12.15.2010For a link to the Home Improvement Fraud Registry and more information on home improvement fraud in Vermont, including information on how to find out if there have been consumer complaints against a business, please visit the Home Improvement Fraud page of the Attorney General’s website.Anyone with a complaint against Donald Bevins or Twin City Roofing, is encouraged to contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Assistance Program at (802) 656-3183 or toll free in Vermont: (800) 649-2424.last_img

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