Crushing loading and downthehole technologies at Bauma

first_imgNominated for an innovation award in the machinery component category, Bauer Maschinen’s down-the-hole (DTH) flushing head for dry drilling rods will be on show at Bauma. TABE will show off its new hydraulic breaker and crushing bucket, whilst SBM Mineral Processing will exhibit its redesigned universal crushing series. Dana’s drivetrain solution for front-end loaders, Hazemag’s new wobbler feeder and underground loader, and a selection of Siemens’ products will also be displayed.Bauer’s DTH innovation has been successfully trialled in Finland (May 2009) and, since then in Vladivostok, Russia. Upon reaching the rock layer, the flushing head can be used – together with the subjacent roller bit full section drilling head, or roller bit core barrel – coupled to the Kelly bar. An air supply hose, which is coiled outside the borehole, is connected to the flushing head. Air flushing is conducted by the rotor via a pneumatic multiport swivel. This drives the flushing by risers in the tool, with the rock chippings permanently transported to a tank in the upper part.Spanish company, TABE’s AGB-40 hydraulic breaker was the first of its heavy duty products to undergo a series of tests carried out by the company in conjunction with the Aragón Technology Institute. It can be used with machines between 45 and 70 t and has a service weight of 4,850 kg. The crushing bucket comes in two models: the GT-25 V2 and the GT-35 V2, of 2,650 kg and 3,900 kg weight respectively. Both are designed to turn waste into gravel or crushed stone.SBM has redesigned its universal crusher series and brought them together in the new Series 13. The 13/16/4 RHSMK-3 impact crusher has a fully hydraulic impact apron. This model combines mechanical and hydraulic adjustment and guarantees good protection when foreign bodies enter the crushing chamber.Hazemag’s VARIOwobbler® wobbler feeder can be used in pre-screening operations in crushing plants and allows easy adjustment of screening parameters when needed. The feeder can be designed as single or multi-stage machines, with the latter helping separate fines from the coarse material. The EL160 loader’s compact design enables its use in narrow spaces in underground operations. At the show, it will present the newly developed version with a gun-mount for blast hole and anchor bore hole drillings.Dana’s drivetrain solution for 16 t front-end loader applications is through a system that includes a Spicer® 319 summing motor, two Spicer Model 114 planetary drive axles, and the Spicer Compact Series Model 2035 driveshaft. The Spicer 319 summing motor transfer case provides tractive performance and high efficiency. For applications requiring 104 to 164 kW, it employs two hydrostatic motors, each with optimised gear ratios. At higher vehicle speeds, a clutch automatically disconnects the low-speed, high-gear-ratio motor, allowing the high-speed motor to function alone.Siemens’ displays will be focusing on drive solutions for conveyor systems and mobile mining equipment, such as trucks, including truck trolley systems, shovels and draglines. Furthermore, solutions and systems for fleet management, automation and wireless LAN-based solutions for control and communications systems based on rugged components – used for data transmission throughout the entire mining site – will be presented.last_img read more

Rio Tinto launches key operations centre as Mine of the Future comes

first_imgRio Tinto has announced the opening of its new operations centre, a key part of the Mine of the Future , in Perth, Western Australia today. The high-technology, purpose-built operations centre, located alongside Perth’s domestic airport, was opened by the Western Australian Premier, the Hon. Colin Barnett MLA. After six months ramping up to full capacity, the operations centre is now the primary control centre for Rio Tinto s vast network of mines, rail systems, infrastructure facilities and port operations in the Pilbara.The centre features 200 controllers and schedulers and more than 230 technical planning and support staff, using cutting-edge networks that ensure all Pilbara operations up to 1,500 km away are not only controlled from Perth, but can be performed with the maximum efficiency.“Two and a half years ago Rio Tinto announced that it would press ahead with plans to create the Mine of the Future to build on the technology advantage we had established over our peers,” said Sam Walsh, Rio Tinto chief executive Iron Ore and Australia. “Since then we have faced an astonishing array of challenges, including the global financial crisis, but we did not waver in our commitment. This operations centre is fundamental to our vision of the Pilbara as a single, integrated one mine logistics system.”“We can now operate our Pilbara iron ore operations above nameplate capacity, redefining the limits of what was considered possible. And these benefits flow directly to our bottom line. There is no other mining operation anywhere in the world attempting this on this scale. Our driverless trucks, remotely operated drill and blasting, automated train systems and remote train loading functions are just the start of a revolution that is transforming the way we extract value from our resources, and will result in a far better, safer industry than could have been imagined even a decade ago.”Rio Tinto claim that the centre will enable workers to do far more complex and valuable work than traditional mining practices would allow – if the mining company’s claims hold true then there will be undoubted benefits, not only to Rio Tinto and its people, but the wider West Australian community. The revolution underway at the operations centre could have ramifications far beyond the resources sector, with the technology and innovation being developed and applied able to support and improve service delivery across the community.last_img read more

AIMEX 2011 mining exhibition Australia theme day details announced

first_imgDetails of the “theme days” for Asia-Pacific’s mining exhibition (AIMEX) 2011 have now been announced by organiser Reed Mining Events. Each day of AIMEX, to be held September 6-9, 2011 at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, will have a specific theme dealing with key issues in the mining industry incorporating information and demonstration sessions, along 
with special networking events. The four theme days are:Safety Day (Tuesday September 6)Women in Mining Day (Wednesday September 7)Careers and Training Day (Thursday September 8)Innovation in Mining Day (Friday September 9)Confirmed details of each theme day’s events are as follows.Safety in mining (Tuesday September 6)Increasing safety and driveage rates through full system integration and control of the longwall entry development process, presented by Jez Leeming, Joy Mining MachineryCollision avoidance technology, presented by Martin Smith, technical manager, SAFEmine Technology AustraliaInnovation in safety case study, presented by electrical and communications engineering solutions provider O’Donnel GriffinDemonstration of unique simulation capabilities of extreme loading software, presented by Dr Victoria Steblina, senior consultant, Applied Science International.Women in mining (Wednesday September 7)Women in Mining panel discussion, facilitated by Lainie Anderson, director of Mining Family Matters, with speakers including:o Margaret Davies, regional manager supply chain, AngloAmericano Yvonne Jackson, exploration contracts administrator, BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Allianceo Angie Willcocks, psychologist, Mining Family Matters.Mining careers and training day (Thursday September 8)          The emerging skills crisis, and using technology to improve competence, productivity and safety, Deb Jones, General Manager – Research and Development, Mining Industry Skills CentrePartnering with TAFE and the national rollout of an enterprise-based Apprentice Development System, presented by Paul Richardson, National Organisational Development Manager, Komatsu AustraliaAddressing the need for increased management of risk relating to fluid power in the mining industry, presented by Nathan Tukuafu, national training co-ordinator, Custom Fluidpower140 years of mining training and safety – then and now, with presenters from Steelhaven Skills Centre, Ballarat University.Innovation in mining day (Friday September 9)Optimum material solutions for industrial hydrometallurgical equipment, presented by Thom Johnson, Corrosion Industry Manager, Ashland IncDiesel fuel cleanliness requirements for HPCR (high-pressure common rail) engines, presented by Brad Crook, global account manager, AngloGold AshantiSurface mining technology and methodology: Desirable mobile crusher features and case studies, presented by Andrew Gotley, national development manager, Wirtgen AustraliaThe introduction of “stapleless” hydraulic hose fittings and adaptors to the underground coal mining industry and the resulting performance benefits and safety improvements, presented by Stephen Dutton, Group General Manager, Pirtek Fluid Systems.All presentations will be held in The Hub at AIMEX, located near the entrance to The Dome, and will be open free of charge to exhibition visitors, said AIMEX exhibition director Paul Baker. “For presentations where there is high demand, access will be on a first-come/first-served basis. The theme days we have developed for AIMEX 2011 are a significant innovation for a major mining event, and are in response to demand from the industry for specific information on key subjects,” Baker said.“And with the forthcoming skills shortages for the resources industry, they are also aimed at engaging potential employees looking for careers in mining. We have a strong focus on women in mining, with our panel discussion and networking opportunities, allowing women looking to enter the mining industry to become aware of the opportunities and challenges in this exciting industry,” he said.“We are also targeting young people, as well as mid-career or older workers who are keen to know about training, apprenticeship and higher education opportunities. This includes highlighting some of the innovative programs being developed to give them life skills, along with the latest safety developments designed to keep workers safe and healthy throughout their employment in the mining industry,” Baker said.“Visitors to AIMEX 2011 are encouraged to pre-register in advance to minimise queuing at the entry – although trade visitors are welcome to turn up and register at the venue at any time during the exhibition.”To register, visitors should go to, and click on the “Register to visit” button on the front page. Once online registration has been completed, an “e-badge”, incorporating a barcode will be emailed out allowing visitors to simply print out their badge when they arrive.For further information on visiting AIMEX 2011, please email or visit information about AIMEX: Exhibitors & Visitors: Reed Exhibitions, Warren Queenan, ph (02) 9422 2563, email, website read more

Pumping iron GIW and KSB pumps power Australian iron ore mine

first_imgIron ore mining is demanding enough, but it’s an especially harsh enterprise in far northwest Australia, where temperatures can reach well past 110o F in the summer. Hope Downs needed pumping equipment suited to such extreme conditions for its newest mine, Hope Downs 4 in Western Australia. In 2011, the joint venture chose KSB Australia, part of GIW’s parent company KSB Group, to supply heavy-duty GIW slurry pumps and KSB process pumps to the project.Hope Downs 4 is the first project of this size where both slurry and non-slurry pumps have been awarded to a KSB company. David Tuckwell, Mining Sales Engineer for KSB Australia, explains why providing both slurry and non-slurry pumps offers a unique and beneficial situation for the customer: “As a supplier, we have experts who work in the slurry field and other experts who work with water pumps. Being able to work on both sides of the project is a specialty for us.”To ensure that the slurry and water pumps are optimal for the mine’s intense iron-ore extraction and wet-processing practices, the KSB team relied on its engineering expertise and GIW’s revolutionary SLYSEL software.“The SLYSEL program provided by GIW is one of the best slurry pump-selection tools in the world,” Tuckwell says. “It enables us to look at the design of the system and identify the equipment that can go in and run at optimal levels for the application.”After deliberation and testing that also took into account the extreme climate and isolation of the Hope Downs 4 site, KSB chose several pumping packages to outfit the mine’s systems:A fire and raw water pump package and sump pump package onsite, with a total of 31 pumpsA slurry pump package that features 8×10 LSA pumps and LCC slurry pumpsA process water pumping package that includes 18×18 LSA pumps, LCC process water pumps, waste fines recirculation, cloth wash return pumps, gland water pumps, and waste fines pumps.The KSB team is currently testing the entire pumping system extensively before the mine goes into production and has made some key changes to the system based on test results. For instance, when the team realised some of the cloth wash return pumps were seeing more slurry than they were designed for, they were able to fit a bigger wet end quickly. “Because of the interchangeability of the parts, it was an easy upgrade — we can use the same pedestal and change out the parts to increase the flow,” Tuckwell says.The Hope Downs 4 project is a testament to KSB’s commitment to long-term customer satisfaction. “It’s important to measure wear on equipment quickly, keep up with ongoing maintenance, and provide 100% customer support,” Tuckwell says. “It gives the end user satisfaction, results, and confidence in KSB and GIW products as a solution for all their pump and servicing requirements.”last_img read more

WEG tests new low speed synchronous motors for large mills

first_imgWEG states that it has successfully tested low speed synchronous motors driven by frequency inverters for mills with dual pinions at its plant in Brazil. As a multinational company, WEG supplies a range of solutions to the mining industry for driving large mills, including low and high speed motors, gearboxes and frequency inverters across the globe. Due to complexity and cost, equipment is usually tested individually; however, for this important project, the whole unit was tested as a complete system before shipment to ensure reliability, as required by the application.WEG’s laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and test systems within an area of approximately 1,000 m2. The tests were carried out over a period of four weeks and included two 4,700 kW 30-pole synchronous motors connected back-to-back and directly coupled to the shaft. They were driven by medium voltage model MVW01 frequency inverters producing a current of 1,178 A at 3.3 kV alongside a phase-shifting transformer.The equipment was tested at full load and provided a torque of 250,000 Nm at the motor shaft, recording the highest testing load ever achieved by any electrical equipment manufacturer in the southern hemisphere. The products are part of an important order for electric motor drives for eighteen ball mills and SAG mills with dual and single pinions. The project included the installation of a bypass on panels. The portfolio of WEG products for mills used in the mining and cement industries includes induction, synchronous or wound-rotor motors driven by frequency inverters or rheostats in case of constant speed for mills with single or dual pinion with load share.In addition to the experience and the structure of WEG plants in Brazil, the Electric Machinery Company from Minneapolis, USA, has been incorporated to the WEG group, adding to the knowledge and experience of a company which has made thousands of synchronous motors during a long history lasting more than 120 years. Today, WEG offers synchronous machines of up to 110 MW, suitable for many different applications in the world market.last_img read more

Sandvik rock tool development team to be inducted into the International Mining

first_imgThe Sandvik team of Udo Fischer and co-workers Torbjörn Hartzell and Jan Åkerman will be inducted in the Underground Development category at the gala dinner in the Brown Palace Hotel, Denver on February 16 ( They have developed, over the years, more productive rock tools for both percussive drilling and cutting applications.Fischer was born 1938 in Germany. He moved 1965 to Sweden and started to work in the Sandvik Cemented carbide R&D center in Stockholm. He joined the small Rock Tool group and after a few years he was the leader of that group. The 1960s saw the first generation of rock drilling tools with brazed flat inserts, used in integral tools and cross-bits. The first bits with round buttons, were developed during his first years with Sandvik, where all sharp corners and edges as weak points were eliminated and he took a big part in that development. More wear-resistant cemented carbide grades were possible to use without risk that the decreased toughness resulted in fractured tools.  For tools for percussive drilling in hard rock the brazed tools disappeared and the buttons were pressed into holes with very close tolerances, which give very good support for the button. From the users point of view already the first type of button bits was a big improvement as a 76 mm cross bit with four flat inserts were reground 15 to 20 times during its lifetime but a button bit needed only three to five times during comparable time.By the 1970s demand on the tools was increasing in order to drill deeper, faster and larger holes. The manufacturing methods for cemented carbide were fine-tuned in order to reduce general defect levels and increased yield for Sandvik cemented carbide. Also work to optimise the geometry of buttons and complete tools was carried out. The much better controlled production equipment developed gave new possibilities to further optimise cemented carbide grades for rock drilling tools.However, by the beginning of the 1980s the obvious limits for conventional cemented carbide in rock drilling tools was reached due to the fact that an increase in wear resistance by using less binder phase or more fine grained tungsten carbide always resulted in an unacceptable loss of toughness for the demanding application. Udo and his co-workers Torbjörn Hartzell (born 1946) and Jan Åkerman (born 1952) tested several new concepts with limited success. However, between 1988 and 1995 their four US patents were approved covering the new Dual Property (DP) cemented carbide which still is the most well-known cemented carbide using macro- gradients. In the DP concept the wear resistance and the toughness can be improved independently of each other in the product. Controlled re-distribution of cobalt binder phase several millimeters inside the buttons gives components which contains three distinct microstructural zones. These gradients, together with their differences in thermal expansion, redistribute the internal stresses. It is for example possible to create a very hard and wear-resistant surface layer which is simultaneously pre-loaded with compressive stresses to prevent the initiation and propagation of cracks. Carbide having such a distribution of properties has high wear resistance at the surface combined with a tough underlying region. The new type of tools often has double life-length compared to conventional tools especially in top hammer and DTH applications.last_img read more

The worlds top ten tin producers

first_imgEight of the top ten refined tin producers increased production in 2014, including all of the big four companies, latest data collated by ITRI shows. The companies included in the 2014 ‘top ten’ producers table remain the same as the previous year. One of two notable changes in 2014 was PT Timah rising above Minsur. They ended the year in third and fourth respectively. However, when production of 5,010 t from Minsur’s subsidiary, Taboca, is included, Minsur remains in third position. Additionally, Yunnan Chengfeng rose into fifth place to displace Thaisarco, who dropped into sixth.All Chinese companies in the top 10 increased refined tin production in 2014, largely due to the increase in supply and availability of tin ore and concentrates from Myanmar. Yunnan Tin produced a record highest annual tonnage of refined tin for the third year running.Indonesian export restrictions helped PT Timah reverse a long term decline in refined tin production. ITRI is currently working to obtain production information from the private Indonesian smelters, as it is likely that the largest of these should rank just inside the top 10.Refined tin production was maintained by Minsur in 2014 by depletion of concentrate stocks. Pressure from falling grades at San Rafael should be somewhat alleviated by the development of the Bofedal II tin tailings project and increased production from Taboca, which is expanding its Pitinga mine operation.last_img read more

Fleetguard filters set new 1000 h standard in service intervals for offhighway

first_imgLube oil50010571000 Lube filter100019731000 HISTORICAL            MINE SERVICE INTERVAL (hrs.)ACTUAL                      INTERVAL               ACHIEVED (hrs.)NEW                                SERVICE                   INTERVAL (hrs.) CATEGORY Water filter50040004000 Air filter100034002000 Fuel filter50033162000 Maintenance hours per truck per annum431274% reduction of maintenance hours and 60% reduction in costs. Cummins Filtration has announced breakthrough technology that it says “optimizes productivity and reduces total cost of ownership and life cycle cost for mine operators and off-highway diesel engines.“Delivering the most advanced engine protection available for off-highway diesel vehicles, the latest family of products Cummins technology including Fleetguard’s NanoForce® Air filters, NanoNet® Fuel filters, SpiraTec™ Lube filters and OAT™ Life of Engine coolants. The combination of all can extend service intervals by up to four times, reducing annual maintenance hours by up to 50%.” Cummins Filtration will unveil these products and more at MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas, September 26-28.Fleetguard’s latest nanofibre filter products for air, lube and fuel filters provide 99.99% filtration efficiency. nanofibres, with a diameter smaller than a human hair capture particles at a submicron level before they can reach engine components such as pumps, injectors, pistons, rings, and liners.Fleetguard NanoNet fuel filters and NanoForce air filters provide unrivalled engine protection for all HHP engine platforms – EPA Non-certified, Tier 1 HPI Engines, Tier 2 and above MCRS Engines.In addition to the added protection, Fleetguard’s family of nanofibre filter products has set a new 1,000 h standard service interval that reduces downtime, while ensuring ample safety margins, thus maximizing total cost of ownership benefits.This can be seen in practice in the global program by Cummins Filtration aimed at delivering cost reductions to mining companies in the wake of plummeting commodity costs. The business carried out a 12 month ‘Filtration Optimization Program’ with Komatsu, at Anglo American’s Dawson coal mine in Queensland, Australia, to demonstrate that new technology Fleetguard filters provide both better protection and lower total cost of ownership for mine operators.Following a field test involving a Komatsu 830E haul truck powered by a Cummins® QSK60 HPI engine, Cummins was able to confirm cost savings of 60% and a service life of 1,000 h minimum, through reduced filter and oil consumption alone. When applied to Dawson’s fleet of 14 Komatsu 830E trucks, savings in excess of $220,000 per year would be realized while slashing servicing hours by 74%.“The new 1000 hours service interval sets a new standard in filtration that provides better equipment protection and lower total cost of ownership for mine operators,” says Gary Ross, Director of Global High Horsepower Business for Cummins Filtration.“Large engines need the cleanest fuel, oil & coolant and plenty of air flow. Traditional filter technology can limit lubricant and air flow as they quickly become plugged. This means loss of horsepower, decreased fuel economy, more frequent filter replacements and more costly equipment downtime. Cummins Filtration’s Fleetguard NanoForce Air filters, NanoNet Fuel filters, StrataPore Coolant & Hydraulic filters along with ES Compleat OAT Coolants tackle these problems to deliver the highest standards of filtration while, at the same time, maintaining engine performance.”last_img read more

Sun shines on Newmont Goldcorps sustainability efforts

first_imgNewmont Goldcorp has published its 2018 sustainability report, which has shown why the company continues to rank near the top of several indices measuring mining companies’ global footprint.The company, which completed the acquisition of Goldcorp only last week, shared several insights into its sustainability goals and achievements in the report, with its solar energy success notable.Last year, the company installed a new solar plant at its Akyem gold mine in Ghana. The 120 kW plant, which has four of Cambridge Energy Partners’ Nomad solar PV trackers included, will power the camp and mess hall during daylight hours, Newmont Goldcorp said.“It has a 25-year asset life and is redeployable, so it can be disassembled and moved to another location at closure,” the company said.Initial data has shown measurable cost, environmental and social benefits, according to the gold miner. Over five months, the plant produced more than 75,000 kWh of solar energy, resulting in a reduction of more than 32,000 kg of CO2, it said, adding that the plant is expected to produce energy at half the cost of grid power.On top of this, the miner said it was negotiating with Ghana’s Volta River Authority on a purchase power agreement for 8 MW of solar power.In Nevada, US, meanwhile, the company’s Phoenix mine installed solar arrays that will generate a total of 10 kW of power for two wireless communications sites.Additional solar projects are under evaluation at Tanami (Australia), which completed the construction of a natural gas project recently, and the Merian mine in Suriname, the company said.These current projects are just some of the initiatives the company has put in place at its operations.As of the end of 2018, the company said it had reduced our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity by 11.7% compared with its 2013 baseline. This is around 70% of its public target to reduce GHG emissions intensity by 16.5% (compared with 2013) by 2020. These numbers do not include any data from Goldcorp.Completion of the Tanami power project in Australia is expected to reduce its GHG emissions intensity over the next two years, the company said. “We also continue to evaluate fuel switching (from coal to natural gas) at our TS Power Plant in Nevada.”last_img read more

Champions League M Kielce Kiel Kobenhavn with the wins

← Previous Story Champions League (M): Barcelona, Metalurg and Zagreb win Next Story → World Championship (W): Montenegro back on track Sunday brought us six champions league matches, and gave us some answers as to whom will most likely be seen in the TOP 16. With THW Kiel winning in Montpellier 34:31 and Ademar Leon winning in Belgrade 27:24 it now seems impossible not to see THW Kiel and Ademar Leon in the TOP16, as the probability for a surprise is very small. In the same group, Group D, AG Kobenhavn beat Szeged, and is only in theory not qualified. In Group B, as expected, Veszprem beat Bjerringbro away with 25:19, but now the group seems pretty open as Vive Kielce beat Fuchse Berlin at home with 32:29, and these means that three teams will likely fight for two places left for the TOP16 phase, and these are Chekhovski Medvedi, Fuchse Berlin with 7 points and Vive Kielce with 6 points, with 3 games left til the end of the group phase.In Group A, Savehof made things harder for Chambery, as the Swedish team won with32:31, and this leaves everything open, with Savehof, Kadetten and Chambery will have to fight for the two remaining places to TOP16, as Barcelona and Zagreb are already read more

ASIA 2016 Japan Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to WCh 2017

After the 4th round of 17th Asian Championship in Bahrain, all semifinalists are known: after Qatar, Japan secured the place from the group A, winning 29:24 (16:11) over Oman. The host Bahrain qualified from the group B, following impressive 27:16 (13:8) victory over Iran. Another semifinalist from the group B is Saudi Arabia, after dominant 34:20 (16:8) win against China.Korea from the group A and United Arab Emirates from the group B theoretically could still find a slot in the semifinals. However their goal difference makes this mission impossible. UAE managed a narrow 27:23 (12:16) win against Lebanon, while Korea had an easy game against Syria – 38:20 (19:5).All semifinalists secured ticket for the 2017 World Championship in France. Also, 5th selection will qualify to participate on the World Championship.Matches of the final round will decide about the rankings in both groups.TEXT: MARKO SELAKOVIC ← Previous Story Nikola Manojlović and Meshkov Brest part ways Next Story → Erlend Mamelund about Norge success: Our speed is decisive! read more

Zeljko Babic to overtake RK Gorenje Velenje

EX-Croatian national team head-coach Zeljko Babic will be a new coach of Slovenian RK Gorenje Velenje in upcoming season 2017/2018, writes Coach who lost his job after winning fourth place at World Championship 2017 in France, will come-back after six months break in country, which took the bronze medal in Paris ahead of his team.Babic led HC Meshkov Brest before work with Croatian national team. He won bronze medal at Men’s EHF EURO 2016 in Poland as Croatian coach. handball coachRK Gorenje Velenjezeljko babic ← Previous Story Tatabanya Grundfos to chase Fuchse Berlin for EHF Cup Final4 Next Story → HE WON’T RUN NAKED: Larvik first domestic defeat after 16 years!

DHB Cup 201718 THW Kiel and SG Flensburg Handewitt are out

THW Kiel and SG Flensburg Handewitt are out of the German Cup competition! The two leading teams from the North lost matches of 1/8 finals and won’t be able to fight for the second most important trophy in German handball with spectacular finish at Final4 in Hamburg, which host this event every season in May.Here are the complete results of 1/8 finals:Bergischer HC – HSG Wetzlar 27:28 (14:16)HC Erlangen – FA Göppingen 27:28 (14:14TSV Hannover-B – THW Kiel  24:22 (13:10)MT Melsungen – DHfK Leipzig  22:27 (12:15)TBV Lemgo – TVB 1898 Stuttgart 27:29 (12:9)TuS Ferndorf – R-N Löwen  24:28 (13:15)HG Saarlouis – SC Magdeburg 28:37 (15:19)SG Flensburg-H. – Füchse Berlin 26:29 (14:14) ← Previous Story Meshkov Brest win twice in one day! Next Story → Dronninglund Cup 2018 – Tournament for everyone! read more

Strike threat looms for EBS

first_imgUNITE HAS INSTRUCTED its members within EBS Building Society to serve notice of strike if no satisfactory resolution is achieved in talks by this coming Monday.The union held a meeting yesterday evening to consider further action following the breakdown of talks at the Labour Relations Commission earlier this week.Following a briefing from union official Colm Quinlan, the meeting passed a motion proposing the action, by an overwhelming majority. Members are now instructed to serve notice of a one-day strike, as a first step in escalated industrial action, on a date to be specified, but to take place no later than 30 September.The union will engage in talks with management until Monday and if all outstanding issues are not satisfactorily resolved, formal notice of action will be served the following day.This dispute centres around payment of a so-called 13th month which was a contracual element of annual pay that was discontinued in EBS in 2011. The Labour Court held that this payment comprised a bonus and was therefore prohibited following the incorporation of EBS into AIB. However it held that this prohibition did  not apply to the 2011 payment and recommended that the company pay the two weeks still owed for that year, which it has failed to do.Speaking after the meeting yesterday, Quinlan said that the workforce had displayed what he termed “extraordinary patience” throughout the process which culminated in Monday’s breakdown of talks, and he said members were “astounded that an institution now owned by the state should blatantly disregard a recommendation made by the same state’s supreme body for resolving disputes”.Read: 200 jobs to go at EBS Building Society>Read: EBS apologises after double-charging error on debit cards>last_img read more

Another 180 houses now available through NAMAs 8020 scheme

first_imgTHE NATIONAL ASSET Management Agency has extended its experimental mortgage scheme – which aims to insulate home-buyers from negative equity – to an additional 180 houses located in 12 counties across Ireland.Set up in the hope that it would instil confidence in prospective purchasers so they could buy a home without the immediate worry of falling prices, the 80:20 Deferred Payment Initiative’s pilot phase received a “positive response”.Launched in May, it included 115 houses in three counties but the expansion boasts a greater geographical spread.This round includes 180 properties, ranging in size from two-bedroom to five-bedroom homes, in 12 counties. Prices begin from €100,000.“We have established that concerns over potential falls in house prices remain an issue for buyers. The extension of this initiative will help adddress these concerns for buyers in nine more counties, in addition to the three included in the pilot phase,” explained chief executive Brendan McDonagh.The properties, located in Carlow, Clare, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Kerry, Kildare, Kilkenny, Limerick, Meath, Sligo and Wexford, are not NAMA-owned. The 80:20 scheme protects buyers from decreases of up to 20 per cent in the value of the property over the next five years.Eighty per cent of the agreed sale price will be paid up front by any person entering the scheme. The remaining 20 per cent will only be due in five years’ time. How much, if any, of that 20 per cent then due will be calculated on the basis of an independent assessment of the property’s value.Further information on the properties included can be viewed on, and www.myhome.ielast_img read more

The Week in Photos Autumnal

first_imgTHE COLD SNAP is freezing the last few leaves on their branches and the last of the autumnal glory is just about clinging on.Enjoy while you can.last_img

Smartphone users are 33 more likely to fall victim to identity fraud

first_imgBe vigilant with personal detailsBuying from reputable tradersPay with a safe methodAnd remembering, that if it seems to be good to be true it probably is A NEW SURVEY by the European Consumer Centre Network (ECC-Net) shows that the most common scams involving fraudulent e-commerce transactions involve fake items or tickets, counterfeit products, alleged free trials, data phishing and the purchasing of used cars online.Over 70 per cent of participants reported fraudulent websites, many of which entice consumers by offering items such as phones at cheap prices only to demand further payment for delivery or customs charges.Smartphones The advent of easy-to-use smartphone has increased the likelihood of users being a victim of fraud, with the survey finding that smartphone users are 33 per cent more likely to fall victim to identity fraud than the general public.Phones tend to be less secure than regular computers, said ECC-Net and, who warned that consumers were less vigilant with their personal information when using them.The survey found that consumers often pay significant sums of money for tickets that are never delivered and which may not even exist. While more than 30 per cent of participants reported instances of consumers being caught out by “free” trials of a product or service which then turned out to be a front for costly subscription services.Counterfeit goodsThe ECC-Net said the proliferation of counterfeit products, reported by 41 per cent of participants,  is particularly worrying as the purchasing these items is considered a criminal offence in some European countries.Other growing scams include gaming fraud, animal rescue tricks, and online dating fraud – the latter particularly devastating, as fraudsters often spend long periods of time building a bond with the victim only to then seek money for supposed travel or health issues.Caroline Curneen, Assistant Legal Advisor at ECC Ireland said with Irish consumers spending over €4.1 billion on online shopping in 2012, “it’s more important than ever to be informed and vigilant about fraudulent behaviour”.  She added:Regrettably, consumers encounter scams online with disheartening frequency. Fraudsters are becoming ever-more inventive and sophisticated in their approaches and it is crucial that consumers remain vigilant and are aware of the latest threats.Tips for shopping online this Christmas include: Read: Former solicitor charged over alleged €2.8 million fraud>Read: Thomas Byrne sentenced to 12 years in jail for fraud and theft>last_img read more

PHOTO Barack Obama shakes hands with Cuban president Raul Castro

first_imgPic: Screengrab via Russia Today/Twitter IN A HISTORIC moment, US President Barack Obama shook hands with his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela in South Africa today.The moment was captured by television cameras as Obama walked towards the podium to pay tribute to Mandela.The two countries have endured a tense and frosty relationship for over half a century with a US blockade in place since the 1960s.Tensions have eased somewhat in recent years, particularly since Raul Castro replaced his brother Fidel, the leader of the Cuban revolution in 1959, and introduced some reforms.But the blockade remains in place and Obama has said he considers it to still be in the interests of the United States.PIC: Has Eamon Gilmore just done a selfie in South Africa?LIVE: The Rainbow Nation says goodbye to its founding fatherlast_img read more

Retailers report busiest St Stephens Day since start of the recession

first_img“One retailer we spoke to yesterday had done 50 per cent of last year’s St. Stephens Day turnover in the first hour yesterday.“After a somewhat disappointing December for retail, many businesses were carrying significant amounts of stock into yesterday’s Sales — equating to very deep discounts.”Fitzsimons said he expected the Government’s home renovation incentive scheme would act as a further stimulus to “big ticket” home spending in the coming days.Related: Homeowners can claim tax relief on renovation and repair work from tomorrowRead: Business booming for Aldi and Lidl as discounters show growth at expense of Tesco REPRESENTATIVE BODY ‘RETAIL Excellence Ireland’ says yesterday’s St. Stephen’s Day sales were the busiest in the past six years.Shoppers were queuing from early in the morning yesterday in the hope of securing a bargain, and, according to REI, most retailers who opened their doors yesterday reported sales were up by over 20 per cent on last year.26 December trading was once the preserve of only the very largest department stores, but more and more outlets have been opening their doors in the last 3-4 years in a bid to keep pace with their competitors and the always-open marketplace of the internet.“The day could not have gone any better with both footfall and spending significantly up on last year,” REI Chief Exexutive David Fitzsimons said.last_img read more

Manchester United agree club record £37m deal for Mata

first_imgHe won Chelsea’s player of the year award for the last two season and has 32 caps for Spain, but failed to impress Mourinho.He was repeatedly left on the bench and even when he cracked Mourinho’s line-up he was replaced in nine of his 13 Premier League starts this season. Updated at 21.44MANCHESTER UNITED CONFIRMED this evening that they have agreed a club record deal to sign Spanish midfielder Juan Mata from Chelsea.United’s reported £37 million move for Mata will be completed subject to the 25-year-old passing a medical and negotiating personal terms with the Premier League champions.The transfer would shatter United’s previous record fee of £30.75 million paid to sign Bulgarian forward Dimitar Berbatov from Tottenham in 2008.“Manchester United is pleased to announce it has reached agreement with Chelsea Football Club for the transfer of Juan Mata for a club-record fee,” United said in a statement.“The deal is subject to a medical and the agreement of personal terms. A further announcement will be made in due course.”Mata is expected to have his medical on Saturday and, unless there are any hitches, he should make his United debut in Tuesday’s Premier League clash against Cardiff at Old Trafford.United manager David Moyes desperately needed a high-profile signing to lift the gloom after a miserable start to his reign as Alex Ferguson’s successor.Since replacing Ferguson in July, Moyes has seen United fall 14 points behind Premier League leaders Arsenal, while they also crashed out of the FA Cup in the third round against Swansea and suffered an embarrassing League Cup semi-final loss to Sunderland in midweek.Moyes had been keen to land a quality midfielder since arriving from Everton and he made failed bids for several top stars, including Barcelona’s Cesc Fabregas, before the last transfer window shut in September.His swoop for Mata should add much-needed creativity and intelligence to United’s midfield, although the champions also need a more aggressive ball-winner in the mold of former Old Trafford great Roy Keane.Mata, who cost Chelsea £23.5 million from Valencia in 2011, became available after falling out of favour with Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho. Mourinho has given Eden Hazard, Oscar and Willian the main attacking roles and the Portuguese coach conceded Chelsea’s system does not suit Mata, who reportedly asked to leave after being substituted during a match at Southampton earlier this month.It had seemed the deal might be delayed while Chelsea tied up their move for Basel’s Egypt winger Mohamed Salah, but Mata has been given the green light to quit Stamford Bridge.“It’s what he wants,” Mourinho earlier on Friday before United confirmed the deal.“It’s what he asked us to accept. Chelsea Football Club is proud to act this way, in an open way, in a human way.“The offer, compared with what the club paid two years ago (when Mata signed from Valencia), was fantastic.”- © AFP, 2014Is Juan Mata the heir to Eric Cantona’s Old Trafford throne?>Alex Ferguson gets UEFA role, Platini reveals>last_img read more