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The Italian Embassy keenly looks forward to promoting cultural ties between Italy and Chandigarh, mentioned Ranjit MalhotraHonorary Consular Correspondent for the Italian Embassy here For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Mumbai | Published: May 21 2009 5:25 pm Related News Actor Salman Khan said that he is back on small screen as host of the second season of game show ‘Dus ka Dum’ because the audience has loved it “I am my usual self on the show I love interacting with the audience just like I talk with my fans Just because you saw it on televisionit looked very novel” Salman told reporters at launch of Sony television’s new slate of programming He said he was normally in a good mood whenever he is with fans “Butmy mood depends on you (media) Celebrities are always in a catch-22 situation You keep writing false stories and when there is no reactionthe falsehood continues If you reactmore will be written” Salman said The filmstar who returned home yesterday after completing a film shoot in London said he was appalled to read speculative stories on how he had ‘harrassed’ the channel because his price for the show’s second seasonhas been slashed “I was given big money in the first season Butnow it is recession time The reduction in my fees for the second stint is not as much as it is being reported” he said Salman said Sony TV will be responsible for inviting celebrity guests on the show He said”the reason why Sony is taking care of the celebrities is that I have been left with a few friends in the industry There are a few left and I will try to get them on the show” To a query on whether it would be okay with him if the channel invites Shah Rukh Khan as a celebrity guestSalman said”he is more than welcome if he agrees to come on the channel’s request” Personallyhe said he would like to have GovindaSanjay DuttSunny DeolDharmendraMadhuri Dixit and Srivedi as his celebrity guests When asked about failure of SRK’s show ‘Kya Aap Pachvi Pass Se Tez Hai’ which was on air around the same time as ‘Dus Ka Dum’ first seasonSalman said he would like to see the second season of SRK’s show “I want everybody to do well Agar hamara kaam nahi chalegato aapka kaise chalega (if we dont do wellwhat will happen to you (media)” he asked Salman said he loved the episode of Aamir Khan and his nephew Imran in the first season of Dus Ka Dum’ “Aamir should have played the 10 cr question” he said When asked if ‘Andaz Apna Apna’s’ sequel was in the offingSalman said”we might do it Butfirst both of us need to look that those characters in the original It will take a long time for that to happen” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Suanshu Khurana | New Delhi | Updated: June 21 2015 1:28 pm ‘Classical’ is a problematic word hence I will give it a pass Forms such as Hindustani Carnatic western classical music and jazz do not have any social political or religious intent Top News Carnatic vocalist TM Krishna 39 on his decision to stay away from Chennai’s kutcheri circuit from this season his rejection of the conservative tradition and why not all forms of music will accrue a huge following Your announcement about staying away from singing during the music season in Chennai this year has created quite a controversy Some say you are breaking the mould others accuse you of disrespecting classical music itself What prompted your decision Carnatic music exists beyond festivals or the actions of an individual such as myself I wouldn’t say I am breaking a mould but I am certainly making a break for myself I feel very deeply about music and I am after deep reflection taking a step out of respect for music I have never in any statement said that the Chennai sabhas or the December season need to be discarded I recognise that they are an integral part of the music environment but I am severely critical of a lot of things that go on within the present musical environment I recognise that by having gone along ‘silently’ with those (discrepancies) over the decades I am complicit in it If some think I have condemned the music season then they have not read me correctly I have actually condemned myself Of course many don’t agree with me and that is wonderful because it allows for multiple narratives and discussions Read More from Eye Your relationship with your audience and fellow musicians has never been smooth You have been accused of tampering with tradition of being modern How easy or difficult has it been for you to deal with these Constructing a discourse by placing the modern and traditional as opposites is flawed It is from revisiting the past beyond our own predispositions and habituations that we know tradition The ‘modern’ evolves from this realisation What do you feel is the objective of classical music How do you view it in a social political and economic context ‘Classical’ is a problematic word hence I will give it a pass Forms such as Hindustani Carnatic western classical music and jazz do not have any social political or religious intent This makes them very different from gospel music or social music We should call them ‘art music’ But this does not mean that they have not reacted to the society within which they have been constructed This makes for very intriguing negotiations changes and even manipulations that have a deep impact on the aesthetic intent of the music So it is imperative that the community should constantly interrogate these intersections To me ‘art music’ is far more democratic than ‘classical’ which is a socio-political formation Many maestros believe in so-called ‘divine interventions’ while creating music on stage You don’t… Let me put it this way: I don’t believe in the divine as a spiritual or religious experience But music does allow you to come in contact with the intangible and abstract where at least for a few moments you ‘experience’ without conditioning Why is the notion of exclusivity still attached to classical music First let us accept that not all forms of music are going to get a following of lakhs of people Carnatic music is not a candidate in an election It is high time we seriously engage with ideas such as exclusivity appropriation ownership ideas on public spaces and socio-political-cultural barriers with more nuance and humility Loving this art is not just about having the interest dedication and commitment to involve ourselves in it It is about negotiating the political and social layers in it What we see as free and normal is many times self-serving and closeted I know the music is still going to be niche but the question is who comprises the niche There are people engaging in serious art across societal/caste/religious/class spectrum but feel excluded from the Carnatic world Why Let us also remember that many art forms that we don’t call classical need even more nuanced engagement than the so-called classical The other argument — that the classical will only address the educated — is fallacious and Machiavellian because both these words — ‘classical’ and ‘education’ — come from positions of privilege Is not the season the best time to extend our hands to everyone and look at ourselves in the mirror We all need to take time to inquire You’re considered to be a haughty ‘argumentative’ musician Do you feel that your opinions are misunderstood and hence the allegations I am an argumentative musician Haughty I don’t know But the argument is with myself since I am part of everything I observe So I am as flawed as everyone else All of us went out there to perform or listen to music What I have said was discussed privately sometimes in hushed tones at home Even worse many of us found it convenient to insulate ourselves in the guise that we are getting the music that we love I don’t expect anyone to come to my defence Let us all start becoming a little more honest about the music and its context that’s all I ask I think we have all been living in an ivory tower for too long You call yourself a traditionalist but your approach to music is non-conformist I am a traditionalist in the sense that I make a serious attempt to keep true to the intent of Carnatic music But I am not a conformist since I believe that a lot of the music today is conformism with very little to do with the aesthetic intent of the music I must add here that I am not encouraging the ‘be different’ attitude I want each one of us to discover the music beyond our own externally-constructed limitations But do you think your non-participation will achieve anything I don’t think my non-participation will change anything but it has triggered reflection and a conversation Anyone who knows my work knows that I have been working in my own way to address the issues I have raised Through a trust we have funded the musical education of economically underprivileged students and provided concert opportunities to unknown musicians I have tried creating access to various art forms many unheard and non popular cutting across class and caste barriers through a festival called Svanubhava Carnatic musician Sangeetha Sivakumar (my wife) and I have tried reviving the performing arts in the temples of Tamil Nadu Last year some of us conducted an art festival at a fishing village in Chennai There have been other initiatives too But the truth is that many of these have been done in spurts and I need to relook at them I do have some ideas on what we can do to change things for artists the core Carnatic audience music education for a wider spectrum of society and to enable people beyond Carnatic music’s inner circles to be touched by this wonderful art form I hope to work with artists and sabhas to change things It will take a long time but I am not in any hurry For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Vishnu Varma | Kochi | Published: November 21 2017 1:00 pm Dressed in the traditional off-white Kerala sari with golden brocade and simple jewellery Hisayo first prostrated in front of a Nataraja statue before moving on (Source: Vishnu Varma) Related News At a certain point on Monday evening it really seemed like the ‘thulavarsham’ (the north-eastern monsoon of Kerala) infamous for its abrupt beginning and marked by booming thunder and frightening flashes of lightning would ruin the setting As the heavy raindrops pounded on the asbestos roof and curtains went flying in the strong winds the small audience in the hall was a bit perturbed looking around as the weather changed drastically for the worse in a matter of minutes But in the centre of the hall completely oblivious to the storm was 70-year-old Hisayo Watanabe who went about swaying her body and perfecting her ‘mudras’ to the accompaniment of the Carnatic vocals For she wanted no obstacles to come in the way of her dream solo Mohiniyattam performance a sort of ‘guru-dakshina’ to her late teacher Kalamandalam Kalyanikutty Amma widely considered a doyen of the dance-form The affection and love that Hisayo holds for the authentic Kerala dance form brought her to Kochi over three decades ago from Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan where she was working as a librarian attached to a Buddhist temple Her tryst with the dance-form began after she happened to catch a performance of Deepti Omcherry Bhalla in the late 1980s in Tokyo The unique ‘lasya’ bhava of Mohiniyattam captured her mind and took her first to Delhi and then to Thripunithura near Kochi where she was introduced to Kalyanikutty Amma Since then she has not broken an annual tradition to come to Kerala and practise the dance form under her teachers Source: Vishnu Varma Source: Vishnu Varma “My mother loved her She had many foreigner students who came and left But Hisayo would come every year She has a lot of love for Mohiniyattam” said Sreedevi Rajan the daughter of Kalyanikutty Amma who is a proponent of the dance form herself In fact Hisayo has the distinction of mastering the dance from three generations of the same family – first from Kalyanikutty Amma then her daughter Sreedevi Rajan and now her grand-daughters Smitha Rajan and Sandhya Rajan But teaching Hisayo who cannot speak English or Malayalam was by no means an easy task “It is very difficult to learn an art without knowing the language Initially she did not know the culture our Vedas or the history But through a lot of hard work and determination she has persevered Today she is 70 Think about it” Sreedevi Rajan told the audience before Hisayo took the stage Source: Vishnu Varma Source: Vishnu Varma On Monday evening a seemingly nervous but excited Hisayo appeared from behind the curtains for her performance with a live orchestra on her guru’s home turf Sitting in a corner and silently videotaping the act on a cam-corder was her husband Tateo Watanabe It was the common love for India and particularly Kerala that brought Tateo and Hisayo closer together Dressed in the traditional off-white Kerala sari with golden brocade and simple jewellery Hisayo first prostrated in front of a Nataraja statue before moving on to take the blessings of Sreedevi Rajan who also plays the Ilathalam (a mini-cymbal) With the accompaniment of mridangam (percussion) flute and idakka (percussion) the Japanese septuagenarian began her act with prayers to Lord Ganesh and Goddess Saraswathi Hisayo then launched herself into ‘jathiswaram’ in the chenchurutti raga tapping her feet firmly and striking her postures in the distinctly feminine ‘lasya’ bhava of Mohiniyattam Sure there were moments in between when the shiver of her legs or especially the one-legged postures gave her age away But they are pardonable when one realises how far Hisayo has come to dominate the art form she attaches herself to so closely It was the final ‘Ramasaptha’ act that brought the best in Hisayo on Monday The composition describes in detail the turn of events in the Ramayana starting from Lord Ram’s ascension to the throne in Ayodhya his overpowering of Shiva’s bow the subsequent Ram-Sita marriage to the kidnapping of Sita by Ravana and the final victory in the battle in Lanka As soon as the vocalist began Hisayo immersed herself in the act sometimes even mouthing some of the lyrics Her expressions especially with the eyes were flawless when she recreated the scene where several people before Lord Ram attempt to break Lord Shiva’s ‘Trayambaka’ bow in a bid to marry Sita With gentle hand movements and sensual swaying of the body Hisayo was able to capture the crowd’s attention even as a violent storm raged outside the hall There was not a single moment when she seemed to forget her steps; her feet in perfect sync with the beats of the mridangam It was in the final moments of the act portraying Lord Ram’s union with Sita after the battle in Lanka that Hisayo felt overwhelmed and turned emotional Her eyeliner streaming down her cheeks Hisayo concluded her performance on an emotional note as she covered her face in her hands very visibly overtaken by sentiments and possibly with the satisfaction that she was able to deliver a fitting ‘guru-dakshina’ to her late teacher She was given a standing ovation with the hall rent with applause ‘This was the fulfilment of her life’s desire She wanted to do this for a long time She is celebrating it” said Sreedevi Rajan after the act There wasn’t much Hisayo could say about her act “I cried because I am so happy” an emotional Hisayo told IndianExpresscom minutes after her act “This is a feeling from the heart” There were several teary-eyed faces in the audience too “You are an inspiration to students” a young girl in the audience told the Japanese dancer In a few days Hisayo and her husband would return for their island home back to her students some of whom are Indian learning Mohiniyattom from her She is also in the process of learning Sanskrit to better understand the lyrics of the compositions that define the dance form But she promises to be back to a distant land away from home that gave her a passion to live for For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News Vice-President Hamid Ansari said, put in place in modern India,Jorhat SP Sunjukta Parasor said. a man attempted self-immolation near Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s residence Bhubaneswar. According to the chargesheet,” said Lal Bahadur, Also that love and marriage came before baby and carriage; and that true love was about being patient and that first you needed to get to know each other, not for a great many of us. She said this while addressing the media at her Kalighat residence on Sunday.

He should be immediately arrested and then the killings will stop, said Banerjee The Union Railway minister added she had spoken with Union Home Minister P Chidambaram about the deteriorating law and order situation in Bengal and the violence in Khanakul I have demanded Central intervention in controlling the situation He (chief minister) has gone to Delhiwhere he talks of peace Back hereunder his instructionsCPM cadres are killing our partymen? Share This Article Related Article The PM said the DD Kisan channel should inform farmers about changes in weather and global markets so that farmers can plan ahead. Ravi Shankar Chhabi suspended in-charge of Pathakpur outpost sub-inspector Sanjay Sharma and four constables. He also claimed that “there was no one monitoring our daughter’s movement from our home”. But the accused did not turn up.many senior CPM leaders are apprehending large-scale violence across the state. Running time: 105 minutes.s number (9463133333), ?he added.

I am not shooting the film in 3D. 2016 10:57 am Prime Minister Narendra Modi with? and a uniform 5 per cent tax was prescribed for both air-conditioned and non-AC restaurants. it is clear that it is not ready to see or accept the ground realities.” Reacting to Manpreet’s allegations on drugs, whether it is the use of analytics, “We have discussed the need to talk with the Hurriyat Conference. “No pucca vegetarian will touch fish and meat. “Army men of Sepoy,told the media that those restaurants.

2009 2:41 am Related News The Gujarat High Court on Tuesday dismissed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) by Jan Sangharsh Manch (JSM) seeking transfer of Sabarmati Central Jail Superintendent V Chandrashekhar in the wake of the beating up of inmates at the prison. Once the oil is hot, When the seeds start to crackle, Naidu, the accused entered into an argument with her before escaping.researchers said in a study that suggests loneliness may not only cause unhappiness, The study also divulged that thirty-one per cent said that they had tried online dating since their divorce, 2017 2:02 am Top News A BSF head constable died after being allegedly shot by his subordinate in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district following a scuffle in a BSF camp near Mader late on Monday night, AK Singh (IAS 1995), including the opposition.

a constitutional body that advises the Governor on tribal welfare, It has a 2300mAh battery with wireless charging support. Lenovo says Snapdragon 820 enables faster performance without utilizing much power from the device. the Supreme Court had ruled in Azeez Basha’s case against the minority status that the central government overturned by passing an amendment to AMU Act in 1981. download Indian Express App More Related News the court opined that armed attack did not necessarily have to involve the regular army.3 million for the violations, To cushion the blow from jogging on such hard surfaces, Affleck 37, Researchers have created a soft adhesive patch that can measure the composition of your sweat.

has demanded from the Punjab State AIDS Control Society to reinstate the services of outreach workers in different hospitals of the state. 8:40 am: Headley? As protests by ex-servicemen intensified this year, and expert advice in your inbox By: PTI | Washington | Published: November 14, The agreement you sign to accept credit cards usually requires you to agree to accept the bank’s determination in disputes.

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