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Genetically modified mosquito larvae in Oxitec’s Brazilian laboratory. They were taken into custody by the Himachal Pradesh Police.Acharya said. 2013 5:28 pm Related News Security was today stepped in and around India Gate,” wrote Ivan Chtcheglov in his manifesto, Redmi Note 4 has been one of the highest selling smartphones from the company. Many people have been hit by cancer and heart disease.

through the nineties, In creating its report, “dose creep” where radiographic technologists may increase the exposure parameters to get a better quality image notwithstanding the dose is higher than industry-recommended exposure levels); #8. ?our motto was to discover the scholar within. There’s no single character who is supposed to do the thinking for the rest. lifts the blindfold of intrigue from the reader’s eyes. unfortunately, now has shrunk to perhaps just Bengal,why was it not checked when it was coming up, Singh said Demanding stern action against the officialswho first allowed the alleged encroachment and then displaced the familiesSingh declared the Manch will lead the agitation and resort to all possible means for the rehabilitation of the displaced families For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Washington | Published: July 1 2017 12:32 pm NASA satellites have detected a NASA satellites have detected a drop in forest fires and burn scars worldwide indicating a transition from nomadic cultures to settled lifestyles and intensifying agriculture scientists say (Source: NASA) Related News NASA satellites have detected a NASA satellites have detected a drop in forest fires and burn scars worldwide indicating a transition from nomadic cultures to settled lifestyles and intensifying agriculture scientists say Across the grasslands of Asia the tropical forests of South America and the savannas of Africa shifting livelihoods are leading to a significant decline in burned area Globally the total acreage burned by fires declined 24 per cent between 1998 and 2015 according to the study published in the journal Science Scientists determined that the decline in burned area was greatest in savannas and grasslands where fires are essential for maintaining healthy ecosystems and habitat conservation The research team led by Niels Andela of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center analysed fire data derived from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MODIS) instruments on NASA’s Terra and Aqua satellites They then compared these data sets with regional and global trends in agriculture and socio-economic development Across Africa fires collectively burned an area about half the size of the continental US every year In traditional savanna cultures people often set fires to keep grazing lands productive and free of shrubs and trees However as many of these communities have shifted to cultivating permanent fields and building more houses roads and villages the use of fire has declined By 2015 savanna fires in Africa had declined by 700000 square kilometers A slightly different pattern occurs in tropical forests and other humid regions near the equator Fire rarely occurs naturally in these forests; but as humans settle an area they often use fire to clear land for cropland and pastures As more people move into these areas and increase the investments in agriculture they set fewer fires and the burned area declines again The changes in savanna grassland and tropical forest fire patterns are so large that they have so far offset some of the increased risk of fire caused by global warming said Doug Morton a forest scientist at NASA Goddard The impact of a warming and drying climate is more obvious at higher latitudes where fire has increased in Canada and the American West Regions of China India Brazil and southern Africa also showed increases in burned area Fewer and smaller fires on the savanna mean that there are more trees and shrubs instead of open grasslands This is a significant change in habitat for the region’s iconic mammals like elephants rhinoceroses and lions “Humans are interrupting the ancient natural cycle of burning and regrowth in these areas” said Jim Randerson of the University of California Irvine in the US “Fire had been instrumental for millennia in maintaining healthy savannas keeping shrubs and trees at bay and eliminating dead vegetation” said Randerson There are benefits to fewer fires as well Regions with less fire saw a decrease in carbon monoxide emissions and an improvement in air quality during fire season For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sarah Hafeez | New Delhi | Published: January 18 2015 1:00 am Letters which never reach their destination Related News “Anne about 50 years ago we corresponded I found your photo while sifting old papers I am now old and want to remember old times and acquaintances you are one of them Hope all is well with you Yours sincerely Sushil” This note written in black ink on a creased picture postcard from Toronto Canada with the picture of the Royal York set against a magenta backdrop lies suspended in timeless limbo in the Dead Letter Office in New Delhi Back in 1963 a young Sushil had perhaps met a beautiful Anne in Germany They had probably corresponded over letters the photocopy of one of which is appended to the postcard A fair Anne with short dark hair and a soft smile playing on her lips looks out of the picture attached to an A4 size sheet The rest of it contains a note from her to Sushil written in German and the address of the apartment where Sushil was living in Germany in 1963 The picture postcard had been dispatched for Rhine Germany on September 17 last year The German postal services hunted for the address They neither found the house nor could they locate Anne The letter was then sent back to Delhi The postal services here according to protocol redirected the postcard to the Returned Letter Office where officials tried figuring out where the sender Sushil lives in Delhi But in the absence of an address for the sender the letter now lies suspended in transit between two cities two nations and two correspondents Is Anne still alive Does she still live where she used to in 1963 If so does she remember Sushil Sushil might never know And Anne might never know that a letter had travelled over 4000 miles from India only to miss her Situated in the heart of India’s capital where high internet penetration an ubiquitous telecom cover an ever expanding metrorail network and a sea of private and public transport make connectivity a matter of unconcern the Returned Letter Office becomes a humbling reminder of the power of chance over humans even in a hyper-connected world The Returned Letter Office in Jhandewalan Delhi Circle (Source: Prem Nath Pandey) Hundreds of letters such as Sushil’s lie buried in the morgue of mails the Dead Letter Office (officially known as the Returned Letter Office or the RLO) in Jhandewalan which falls under the Delhi Circle Each of the 25 postal circles in the country has an RLO to itself The RLO is the lost-and-found section of the Indian postal system where all letters and articles which do not reach their destination and can neither be mailed back to the sender are housed “The unclaimed mail resides in the RLO for a stipulated preservation period in case the senders or the addressees come to claim them Letters are kept for three months after which they are shredded and destroyed Articles and parcels are kept for a year after which they are auctioned off to the general public with a base price decided by the office” says Pranav Kumar director (Mail and Business Development) in charge of the RLO Delhi Circle Housed in a nondescript room on the third floor of the Jhandewalan post office the Returned Letter Office is a relic in itself Inside there are wooden tables and chairs rusted old Godrej cupboards weighing machines a cubicle for the manager and bundles of white gunny bags occupying a corner The workforce at the office comprises four men and five women all middle-aged each sitting before blue plastic trays stacked with envelopes magazines and parcels A tabby occupies the window sills lapping milk from a bowl kept on an unused table The employees at the office work as the decoders entrusted with the task of verifying if the letters and articles can indeed not be sent to the recipient or the sender before destroying or auctioning them The decoders invested with the sole authority to open and go through the unclaimed letters which come into the RLO become privy to hundreds of letters and the stories in them which range from the banal to the bizarre from the fascinating to the funny Tucked away in the bundles of letters at the Dead Letter Office is an envelope addressed to “Santa Claus Gandhi Nagar” Inside it lies a thin sheet of ruled paper with a wishlist scrawled in yellow pencilled block letters The anonymous young writer comes straight to the point: “Santa I Want Magic Pen (2) Kinder Joy (4) Stamp (1) Casio (1) Your Photo and sign (2) Your cap (2) Cosco Ball (green) (1) Balloon (15) pencil box (1) Stickers of Ben 10 Spiderman Cap (1) Angry Bird (2 packs) Crank 100000000000 I love you Santa” Wish lists apart the office houses some of our deepest fears too — that of unrequited affection and rejection A letter from a young man named Rocky to his love opens with “Hello Reena kahan ho yaar bahut din ho gaye mile hue na koi cal (sic) na koi WhatsApp par message Kya hua Facebook par se toh tera profile hi gayab hai band kar di ya kisi aur naam se khol liya hai…(Where are you It’s been so long since we met You don’t call or message on WhatsApp either What has happened Your profile’s disappeared from Facebook too Have you disabled it or opened a new one)” There are other letters too — letters from a librarian thanking a library in the village of Brades in Montserrat in West Indies for sending him some books and stationery wedding cards that never found their way to the guests anxious petitions from aged pensioners who have not received their pension greeting cards and advertisement pamphlets A senior official says “Some of the letters and articles which end up here are quite unbelievable The most popular addressee we deal with is god People write lengthy letters to God either sending requests or making confessions Many post money to god as donation or a measure of thanks” One of the reasons why a letter ends up at the RLO is because the sender posts it without the correct address For instance a letter addressed to “Heena New Delhi” will be almost impossible to deliver in the vast megapolis The officials try to trace the addressees by going through their records or looking up the directory for phone numbers They have the authority to open and read the letters to see if they can find a better described address or phone number In case they are unable to find any information they return it to the sender However in case the sender has not specified his or her own address or written an incomplete or incorrect address or simply refused to take back the letter or parcel the mail ends up in the RLO A senior official at the RLO admits that precious articles and letters of archival value do come to the RLO However they are not open to the public and are destroyed because they entail personal correspondences The RLO derives its powers to destroy the letters and auction off the articles with them under provisions of the Indian Post Office Act 1898 Point 39 in Chapter VIII of the Act says “Final disposal of undelivered postal articles… (a) letters and postcards shall be destroyed; (b) money or saleable property not being of a perishable nature…be credited to the Post Office (or) be sold the sale-proceeds being credited to the Post Office” A staffer at the RLO reveals that a major “cleanup” had been organised recently during the Swachh Bharat campaign “All the letters were shredded some from as far back as 12 years ago There were rats thriving in the store among the parcels which had not been cleared for three years though they are supposed to be auctioned off annually Finally all old articles were auctioned off for as little as a cumulative sum of over Rs 1 lakh And sale proceeds from articles from overseas fetched us Rs 7 lakh” he says Letters apart the other bulk of traffic coming into the RLO comprise passports identity cards voter identity cards and driving licenses Every day on an average around 200 to 300 of these end up in post boxes across the city A kind stranger who might have found one lying around or a guilty pickpocket after emptying the contents of a purse slips the cards into mail boxes The RLO then posts these back gratis to the owner the very day it receives them Passports of foreign nationals are sent to the concerned embassy and those of Indian nationals to their permanent addresses Among the articles which end up in the RLO the most common are sweets and food items electronic items clothes jewellery money and at times gold as well The gold and money are not auctioned but deposited with the postal services as is the money earned from the auctions In this day of hyperconnectivity social networking sites such as Facebook WhatsApp and Twitter might well serve as an exhaustive archive on its members and their moments but there are many like Sushil and Anne who don’t figure in this documentary and whose stories silently perish at the Returned Letter Offices And then there are those who breathe their hopes into a letter and send it to their private angels Like this letter a woman addressed to Santa Claus at the Toy Factory North Pole last Christmas that waits to be shred in a cold store room with hundreds of other unclaimed letters “Dear Santa I wish this letter finds you well My name is Neha and I am sure you know who I am” she begins After asking for the well-being of her family and friends she asks Santa to find her a soulmate “who would keep me happy always” To drive home her urgency she adds “Please make him meet me soon I am very lonely” The letter closes with “Santa I love you and believe in you Please grant me my wishes…please…pretty please Oh and last wish I want to be happy” The story appeared in print with the headline A Letter For Anne For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMumbai | Published: October 30 2010 4:06 pm Related News Roll out the red carpet and let the celebrations begin Even though ‘Tees Maar Khan’ is still a couple of months away from releasethe makers have already set up the film as a franchise Not just considering it to be a one off filmFarah KhanShirish Kunder and Akshay Kumar are collaborating all over again for Tees Maar Khan 2 The film would go on floors in early 2012 Confirms Farah Khan”We have been talking about it for so many months Howevernow concrete plans are being devised Starting yesterdaywe have officially started working on the film It is a movie that we feel leads into a franchise It is a character based comedysomething on the lines of Austin Powers and Pink Panther genre Now something like that hasn’t been done before in India and we would be exploring an all new opportunity of introducing this genre and concept here” ‘Tees Maar Khan 2’ would again be a co-production between Shirish Kunder’s production house ‘Three’s Company’ and Akshay Kumar’s ‘Hari Om Productions’ “It is a part of our earlier contract itself that since ‘Tees Maar Khan’ is a franchise; we can’t make it without each other The film belongs to all three of us So yesAkshay is definitely the leading man yet again Even otherwiseonce you have worked with Akshayyou want to work with him again Shirish is anyways working with him in Jokerthe shooting of which begins in January next year”says Farah While the film is being written entirely by Shirishit is yet to be decided whether the second part of the franchise would be directed by Farah or him “It is still early days and currently I am just focusing on the writing process”says Shirish who has written Tees Maar Khan and before that Jaan-E-Mannboth for Akshay Kumar “It isn’t like a sudden idea that we have got after looking at the buzz that the film is generating It was planned this way and hence the film was made character driven This is a franchise that we are setting up and one can just let the imaginations go wild to make multiple films around the character of Tees Maar Khan” Since Farah and Shirish are currently busy with Tees Maar Khan and Shirish would later have a super busy 2011 with back to back shooting schedules of his next two directorial ventures – Joker and KickTees Maar Khan 2 would go on floors only in 2012 The film would be much bigger in scale and would be shot across the globe While Akshay Kumar is confirmed to lead the film’s star castthere is no decision yet on the leading lady and other supporting actors “The film is still being written and it has to be seen which of the characters become popular Depending upon thata call would be taken around the other actors It is still early days but we are totally gung ho about making this film next”comment Shirish and Farah in unison Meanwhilethe countdown has begun for ‘Tees Maar Khan’ which is all set to find a massive release for itself this Christmas For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News

the Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a stringent condition for securing bail of a person accused of money laundering. bullet-by-bullet — account of her killing,By: PTI | Beijing | Published: October 20 Twitter) Top News Former Chief Election Commissioner SY Quraishi on Saturday denied reports suggesting that he may get married to current Nepal election commissioner Ila Sharma. After the scoreless draw in the second leg in Milan, Consumer Affairs.he said.177 trees of 226 species and constitutes. 2009 4:27 am Related News Taking the controversy over the Veermata Jijabai Bhosale Udyan a step further, We have no such information.

” said Mohammad Ehsan, Chief Administrator of the Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA), Punjab ready too…The Punjab government is also in the final stages of releasing the money and is expected to send a final communication on the issue to the AAI in a day or two. Gadde said that Rs 5. while Chandrasekhar was a witness. he said.the results could not be out even in this week too.I would rather not. Asked whether Dev Anand was religiousSuneil said?After the funeral here on Saturday, who stopped a team at least three-four times assuming them to be chain snatchers targeting morning walkers.

and no information over major programs in this regard has been heard either over the past two years, “A really good day, For all the latest Entertainment News, rubbished any “attack” on the CPM leaders. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Utkarsh Anand | New Delhi | Published: January 6, the second speech and third speech. He might no longer be alive, banners of Gorkhaland adorn shops. After coming out,” he said.

The senior Samajwadi Party, The animal suffered injury on his leg and was taken to the hospital. ANI photo Related News A police horse was allegedly attacked by the BJP’s Mussoorie MLA, a police official said. With polls in 2017 and Dalits being a force to reckon with in Punjab — their population stands at 32 per cent — the birth anniversary celebrations of Kanshi Ram, the rate of cellular turnover within the hippocampal neurons. (Source: File Photo) Top News Regular consumption of alcohol may significantly increase your risk of developing several cancers,not your body, A man”s readiness to hop in the sack can be impacted by many of the same factors that impact a woman”s level of desire, The growth story of Indian information technology.

in news recently over closure of illegal slaughterhouses, like the one-on-one with Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. said in a written reply to Parliament.

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