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directed a range of titles including the 1966 film Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? the 1971 comedy-drama Carnal Knowledge and the 2007 biopic Charlie Wilson’s WarHe said in a 1996 interview with the Associated Press that on advice from Orson Welles he didn’t try to interpret common themes in his work “Leave it to the other guys the people whose whole job it is to do that to make patterns and say what the thread is through your work and where you stand” Nichols recalled being told by Welles “Let somebody else worry about what it means”It was Jon Stewart’s goodbye party But he was the one who came with presents for everyone Talk-show hosts’ finales often end with a tribute line as guests friends and regulars streaming in to pay respects and offer thanks It’s not an act of vanity or selfishness necessarily; it’s a way of giving the audience surrogates through whom to say “so long” and “all the best” And sure Jon Stewart’s last weeks on The Daily Show involved plenty of familiar faces coming by to salute But for most of Stewart’s final hour or so (Comedy Central extended his sendoff and then let it run longer) he turned the camera on everyone else The first extended bit was a celebration of the vast army of contributors that had come through the show beginning with the current crew and going back through the show’s history: Hodgman and Black; Schall Bee and Carell; Munn Riggle and Helms; and more and more (and Wilmore) The segment closed with a video wall of the cast conveying just how vast the show’s reach has been not just in late-night comedy but sitcoms movies and ideas in general See Jon Stewart’s Most Memorable Guests On The Daily Show Kurt Vonnegut appeared on the show in 2005 one of his last public appearances Comedy Central Denis Leary and Jon Stewart have long been friends so every time the actor appeared on the show the two comedians would opt to make fun of one another rather than conduct an interview leaving the audience in stitches Comedy Central After releasing Hugo in 2011 Martin Scorsese visited the show Comedy Central Last year Christopher Walken talked tap dancing on the show Comedy Central Barack Obama appeared on the show in 2005 as a senator twice in 2008 as a presidential candidate again in 2010 during his fist term and finally in 2012 as he ran for a second term Comedy Central First Lady Michelle Obama has appeared twice on the Daily Show once in 2008 and twice in 2012 Comedy Central During one of Paul Rudd’s may appearances on the show Stewart revealed that the comedian was his first test guest after her took over for Craig Kilborn Comedy Central Rachel Maddow was a repeat guest on the show where she described Justice Scalia as a "troll" said she could kill Bin Laden with a spoon and declared she was "embarrassed" by Bush Comedy Central 1 of 8 Advertisement After a break Stewart returned with another bravura thank you: an extended Goodfellas-style tracking shot through The Daily Show offices Viewers even critics who should know better tend to think about such series as the work of the star as a single author But of course they’re not; The Daily Show has developed a sharp writers’ voice independent of while guided by Stewart and it takes an army to fake the news nightly: makeup folks and prop masters accountants and researchers (including the media watchers shown with blood coming out of their eyes) camera crew and costumers Stewart got out of it without being thanked himself almost At the end of the correspondents’ segment his greatest disciple Stephen Colbert took a seat at the desk to go off-prompter likening him in Colbertian high-nerd fashion to Frodo in The Lord of the Rings who bore the Ring of media criticism and satire for us all these years “You said to me and to many other people here many years ago never to thank you because we owe you nothing” Colbert said chasing a sheepish Stewart around his desk in their rolling chairs “And it is one of the few times I’ve known you to be dead wrong” After all that Stewart had a one more parting thank you gift for the audience a last speech to camera 3 on “bullshit” “Bullshit is everywhere” he said “There is very little that you will encounter in life that has not been infused with bullshit” The kind that makes bad things sound good The kind that hides bad things under a pile of verbiage And the kind that rationalizes complacency by sowing doubt The good news he said is that “The best defense against bullshit is vigilance” and it’s getting easier to spot because liars are getting lazy That’s modest of him but if we’re following his example we must call bs on him a little here too If it’s gotten easier to spot it’s partly because of him: because Stewart over 16 years has sat down with us and gradually gone over the instructions to build our own detectors I wrote as many other have that Stewart changed TV political comedy by creating and paving the way for many successors But he’s also made a difference by showing folks how bs works in politics in the media empowering them to spot it themselves Stewart is leaving the show but he deputized his audience to replace him like Buffy the Vampire Slayer opening the books for an army of slayers to replace her or to steal Colbert’s LOTR reference like Galadriel who gave each of the Fellowship a gift to use to carry on the fight and keep hope alive Then Stewart signed off “Here it is my moment of Zen” and turned over the stage to Bruce Springsteen fellow New Jersey balladeer of skepticism and hope to play him off This at last was just a little treat for Jersey boy Stewart a little gift for himself He earned it Contact us at [email protected] Metroparks Zoo has just welcomed its second Eastern Black Rhino calf – and just look at itThe baby rhino arrived on 20 August joining mum Inge dad Forrest another called Kibibbi and seven-month-old calf Lulu According to the zoos website the newborn is the fifth calf for Inge – who is also mother to Kibbibi and grandmother to Lulu Yep quite the family tree this It is also the seventh Eastern Black Rhino to be born at the zoo "Were very excited to welcome our second Eastern black rhino calf born here at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo this year" said Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Executive Director Christopher Kuhar PhD "We hope these significant births inspire guests to learn more about this critically endangered species and how they can help protect Eastern black rhinos in the wild" The video footage of the new baby rhino was posted to the zoos Instagram and Facebook pages yesterday along with several photosOne person commented: "Awww welcome to the world little buddy!! “Promises made by the Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security Michael Evanoff that our properties are fine cannot be trusted, 2018 00:30 AM Tags : Reuters Also See (NAN)" Fredericks said." CDC principal deputy director Ileana Arias said in a statement In response the CDC is calling for more members of the medical community to screen and talk to their patients about alcohol since numbers show only one in six US adults has reported ever talked about their drinking with a health professional States with stronger alcohol policies also have less binge drinking and should partner with community workers including police and health workers for better programs CDC says Contact us at [email protected] poll released Friday by the Public Religion Research Institute shows the majority of Americans oppose so-called “bathroom bills” that would require transgender people to use the bathrooms that correspond with their sex at birth rather than their gender identity but there is a sharp divide between Republicans and Democrats Just over half (53%) of the roughly 2000 people interviewed for the survey in February said they oppose such measures including roughly two-thirds of Democrats (65%) but just over one-third of Republicans (36%) In total about 40% said they support such measures with about one-in-ten saying they had no opinion on the subject In the wake of the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage the rights of transgender people have become the hottest focus in state-level fights over LGBT rights More than a dozen states are considering some form of “bathroom bill” some dictating the people must use facilities that match the sex on their birth certificate and others explicitly referencing people’s anatomy and chromosomes In a tense hearing over such a bill in Texas earlier this week which lasted nearly 21 hours hundreds of people testified Though the majority of those who signed up to speak opposed the measure the heavily Republican committee passed the bill in an 8-to-1 vote The PRRI poll also found that a strong majority of Americans 70% including 60% of Republicans support nondiscrimination protections for lesbian gay bisexual and transgender people in areas including public accommodations Such laws when they explicitly include protections for people based on gender identity help to protect transgender people’s right to use bathrooms where they are most comfortable in the public square Write to Katy Steinmetz at [email protected] Over 38 million Americans binge drink an average of four times a month,25 percent.Reno Omokri The district administration and the state police are making all efforts to restore peace and normalcy, told IANS. then I’ll start feeling bad. had earlier admitted preparing terrorist acts after having been tracked by police as they drove around carrying out reconnaissance of potential targets in central London in April last year.

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