Physical copies of Fallout 4 on PC require a download to be

first_imgIt’s very clear to everyone who plays games that games publishers continue to not understand piracy. Bethesda is a case in point, having just confirmed that if you purchase a physical copy of Fallout 4 for PC it won’t be playable until you download part of the game via Steam.Purchasing Fallout 4 for consoles sees the entire game ship on a Blu-ray and ready to play. However, for PC Bethesda took the decision to ship only some of the game data on a DVD along with a Steam code. Installing the game requires you use the Steam code for activation and then download the rest of the game.Pete Hines, Bethesda’s vice president of marketing, confirmed this was the case on his personal Twitter account. When asked why the PC version was restricted in this way, Hines answer was a simple one: “piracy.” He also pointed out Bethesda has been using this tactic “for 10+ years” and “Lots of people bought Skyrim, Wolf, etc”I believe Hines has got this completely backwards. Gamers purchase Bethesda’s titles because they want to play them and are happy to pay for them despite such annoyances as requiring data downloads to prove you have paid and are installing a legitimate copy. Using such a system in no way limits piracy, in fact, it means the inevitable pirate copies of Fallout 4 that do appear end up having an advantage over the legitimate version: no data downloads required to make them playable.So, for legal purchasers of Fallout 4 on PC, Bethesda would like to make you aware that the disc you are buying does not contain the full game, and in order to play you are required to download the rest. Thanks Bethesda.last_img

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