Ouya developer kits are shipping console on track for retail

first_imgKickstarter was used to fund a ton of startups in 2012, but few were as exciting as the Ouya. The Ouya is an open-source game console based on Android that garnered over $8.5 million in funding back in August. Now, we’re hearing that the first developer kits are being shipped. It looks like the Ouya is actually going to happen.Kickstarter is an informal way of supporting products you like. Supporters don’t get part of the company or any kind of guarantee that the device or service being funded will actually come to be. For this reason, many people have been anticipating the first multi-million Kickstarter failure. So far, the Ouya is not on track to be that failure.Ouya dev units should be arriving on or before January 10, at which time developers will be able to start porting games to the platform. The Ouya is running an Nvidia Tegra 3 ARM chip, which is often favored by game developers. Existing Android games and apps should be trivial to port, but this is not a certified Android device. That means the Ouya probably won’t see Google Play support through any official means. The Ouya SDK is also expected to launch this week, allowing even developers without the console to begin work.The company is looking to get an attractive launch lineup ready, including Dead Trigger, Shadowgun, Minecraft, and Final Fantasy III. The device is expected to retail for about $99, but it won’t be available to consumers until March or April.via Slashgearlast_img

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