OnLive gets Xperia Play support iPad app still MIA

first_imgThe Sony Ericsson Xperia Play was a bit of a dud. The long-rumored Playstation Phone implemented a cool idea — put a slide-out physical controller on an Android phone — but old PS1 games weren’t enough to get most people excited (Crash Bandicoot was cool in 1997, but not so much in 2011). The Xperia Play, however, just got a lot more interesting: cloud gaming service OnLive just updated its Android app to support the Xperia Play’s controller.What does this mean? It means that Owners of the Xperia Play can now play L.A. Noire and Batman: Arkham City on their phones. Technically, anyone with an Android device can already do this, but there’s a catch: aside from a few touch-optimized Lego games, OnLive’s library of games requires a bluetooth controller. Xperia Play owners no longer need to buy the $50 accessory, and can use their phone’s built-in control pad.Another potential catch revolves around OnLive’s fundamental premise. No game is downloaded to your device. While you control the input and see the output, the game is hosted on OnLive’s servers. Think of it as a YouTube video that you control in real-time.If you have an excellent internet connection, it will be just like playing the game on a console; if your internet is slow, it will be laggy and frustrating. In our tests, a 25Mbps cable-based WiFi network offered low latency (essentially real-time), but a 6Mbps DSL-based network lagged by nearly a full second.While the Xperia Play support will be welcomed to the relatively small number of owners of that device, the massive population of iPad owners are still left in the dark. OnLive had expected the iPad verison of its app to launch around the same time as the Android app (earlier this month), but the iPad version is still MIA. As the App Store’s holiday freeze starts tonight, we probably won’t see the app until after the New Year (at the earliest). OnLive has been mum on the delay, only saying that it can’t predict when the app will arrive.Get OnLive at the Android Marketlast_img

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