Microsoft offers free bacon outside Amazon and Google HQ

first_imgWorking for Microsoft or Google is a dream for a lot of people. They pay well, they offer great on site services so you never want to/have to leave, and you’re probably going to end up working on some very cool projects.The problem is, both companies are vying for employees from the same talent pool. That can make it difficult to find enough new people when trying to expand. Microsoft is dealing with that very problem right now as it attempts to double the size of its Kinect engineering team in Seattle.To solve the problem, Microsoft has hired an advertising agency by the name of Wexley School for Girls. Their objective is to entice talent from other high profile companies in the Seattle area to jump ship and go work on Kinect. The tactics being used to get the attention of said talent are rather sneaky.Wexley has decided to setup a mobile bacon cart outside of Amazon and Google headquarters. The cart is offering free bacon as part of a campaign called “Wake Up and Smell the Future.” If the future is indeed bacon, then Microsoft is right on the money. If nothing else, the smell of freshlycooked bacon will get heads turning. You can also select from a range of toppings (cheese, peanut butter, maple syrup, even chocolate sauce) and there’s a small area to sit down with your slice of pig, too.The cart was outside Amazon yesterday, and plans to setup in smelling range of Google next Monday in Fremont. If they roll down to the other end of the canal bridge there’s also Adobe employees to entice out for a nibble. Beware of the The Sizzler though–a man in a white suit draped in bacon–he may interrupt your baconfest for some contact details.As this is an ad agency doing the dirty work it can all be viewed as a bit of fun. On the other hand, if Steve Ballmer was making the bacon sizzle we’d know something was seriously wrong over at Microsoft.via The Seattle Timeslast_img

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