ASIA 2016 Japan Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to WCh 2017

After the 4th round of 17th Asian Championship in Bahrain, all semifinalists are known: after Qatar, Japan secured the place from the group A, winning 29:24 (16:11) over Oman. The host Bahrain qualified from the group B, following impressive 27:16 (13:8) victory over Iran. Another semifinalist from the group B is Saudi Arabia, after dominant 34:20 (16:8) win against China.Korea from the group A and United Arab Emirates from the group B theoretically could still find a slot in the semifinals. However their goal difference makes this mission impossible. UAE managed a narrow 27:23 (12:16) win against Lebanon, while Korea had an easy game against Syria – 38:20 (19:5).All semifinalists secured ticket for the 2017 World Championship in France. Also, 5th selection will qualify to participate on the World Championship.Matches of the final round will decide about the rankings in both groups.TEXT: MARKO SELAKOVIC ← Previous Story Nikola Manojlović and Meshkov Brest part ways Next Story → Erlend Mamelund about Norge success: Our speed is decisive!

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