Butt gains Sainsbury’s listing

first_imgButt Foods has won listings for its innovative bread boats and bread bowls at Sainsbury’s, after impressing buyers at a Dragon’s Den-style interrogation.The company was picked to meet the chain as part of the ’Supply Something New’ supplier scout scheme for regional producers, arranged by Food from Britain and Sainsbury’s at the IFE food show.Sainsbury’s was impressed by Butt’s speciality bakery products, including the boats and bowls – a fresh piece of bread in the shape of a bowl that is sturdy enough to hold soup, curry or chilli, but soft enough to eat.Judith Batchelor, director of Sainsbury’s brand, said: “If the products that have come through the scheme are good enough, we will be taking them to the shelves regardless of the supplier’s size.”last_img read more

Enterprise forecasts £100m supply chain network

first_imgEnterprise Foods says it is set to create a £100 million turnover local supply network, sourcing craft bread on behalf of retail and foodservice giants.The Scottish company is working with the UK’s number one convenience retailer and a foodservice supplier, believed to be Compass, on the new business. It turned over £23m in 2006, MD John McCormick told British Baker.He commented: “The sad thing is that if you look into the bakery market, the craft side is declining, because product is not being presented properly. We can present the craft baker as a solution, not just a difficult animal to deal with.”The East Kilbride-based company acts as a third party, he explained, putting requests from its big customers through to the most appropriate craft baker in the local area. It uses electronic systems to invoice on the bakers’ behalf.The company has now technically appraised 200 craft bakers from all around the UK, to create a register of craft bakers suitable to supply big operators.McCormick said: “Bakery is a small part of the big customers’ overall spend, but it tends to be difficult to deal with; you end up with hundreds of different suppliers around the UK. With this system, we manage fresh bakery products for them, putting them in touch with local suppliers of genuine craft bread.”Enterprise formerly owned bakery businesses California Cake Company and Campbell’s Cake Company but sold to Finsbury Food Group in 2005. The company also sold off its Patisserie UK division, in a management buyout last year, to focus on the supply chain business.Enterprise’ sales were £27 million for the year to 1 July, 2006, with pre-tax profits at £270,000.last_img read more

GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION Where in the Magna Carta is it written that the government can tell me how to run my business, asks an aggrieved Tony Phillips

first_imgHave you ever wondered where in the wedding certificate it says that a man’s hair becomes communal property when he is married? Where does it say that the wife decides when it needs cutting and grooming? I never tell my wife when to go to the hairdresser.You may well think, “What has this to do with baking?” Well, where in the Magna Carta is it written that the government can tell me how to run my business? It has appointed itself a partner in my business, without even asking me or paying me any money.It is, in fact, the senior partner, as it takes most of the profit and I, alone, bear all of the losses. While interviewing staff for a position, I cannot ask a female if she is pregnant, for example. But does it not occur to anyone that if she is, she may well not be able to do the job I am employing her for – particularly if it entails, say, heavy lifting?It’s rather like interviewing a man for a marathon running team and not being allowed to ask if he has two legs! Even by asking such questions, one would be in breach of the law, and considered uncaring and deserving of eter- nal damnation.The unpalatable fact to these people is, we in business have to survive and prosper to make the money to pay for all the benefits the professional do-gooders – who should really be called professional takers – demand of us.The disability lobby is very powerful and anyone daring to question its view on what it is entitled to do will have massive vituperation and even hate thrown at them and be called uncaring, disgusting, appalling – in fact every derogatory term known to mankind.Let me defend myself before the hate mail starts. I am getting old, my friends are getting old. We are, in many cases, beginning to suffer minor and even major disabilities. We do understand the problems and wish to help and be helped.However, we also understand that business does not have a pot of unlimited funds available to put in facilities that possibly only two or three people will ever use. There are those who will say, “How would you feel if you were one of the two or three unable to gain entrance?” What a silly question. I would simply get on with it. I have always felt I should have been six feet tall, look like a film star and have all the ladies swooning over me. But alas, it was not to be.The point I am making is that life is not always fair and, while we all try to do the best we can for others, there is a limit on resources.The government tells us we should be proud to pay taxes. Well I could be just as proud for half the taxes. Although I also think that if I could only owe the government a large enough amount of tax, they could declare me a Third World country and give me a huge grant. That way, I would get all my money back, plus a slice of yours.Finally, I think we should have a fair tax structure that allows us all to cheat evenly. The one thing the poor and middle classes have in common is that they pay a large slice of their income in taxes, while the rich pay a very low proportion of theirs in taxes. Could we not declare the Isle of Wight a tax haven for small businesses? nlast_img read more

Head online for bakery web alerts

first_imgSign up now on British Baker’s website – [http://www.bakeryinfo.co.uk] – for the latest industry news, delivered to your in-box once a week. As well as a weekly email update, the free service will also send you top news stories as they break. The website has also been revamped and will feature daily news for readers who want to browse. It also features a searchable archive for news and features from previous issues of British Baker, along with the latest jobs, recipes and useful links.last_img

Use-by dates shaken up by Warburtons

first_imgWarburtons has become one of the first brands to simplify on-pack dates.The plant baker has removed its ‘display until’ code and will now only include a single ‘best before’ date on all its products in a bid to stop confusion around on-pack consumption advice.It has pre-empted Food Standards Agency (FSA) guidance, which is due to be revised in September as a way to help food businesses become more consistent and improve consumer confidence.The FSA looked at replacing the current system with a simple ‘use-before’ date – the only piece of information that offers a safety cut-off point, and a consultation with the industry ended last month.A Warburtons spokesman said: “We have made this move based on customer feedback and the fact that some confusion existed with consumers on the use of display-until dates. Warburtons remains committed to baking high-quality, fresh bakery products and we hope this change will make it clearer for consumers buying bakery products in-store.”Under EU food law, pre-packed food must carry either ‘best before’ or ‘use by’ date marks, and it is up to food manufacturers to decide what to put on products.last_img read more

Prepare for paternity leave requests

first_imgOver the next few months, employers will start receiving requests for additional paternity leave. Should you get one, you have the right to demand proof of eligibility. But what information can an employee be asked to produce?As the law now stands, subject to qualifying conditions, the father, or mother’s partner, of a child born on, or after, 30 April 2011 can take:l two weeks’ ordinary paternity leave within 56 days of the child’s birth; andl a maximum of 26 weeks’ additional paternity leave (APL) in the first year of its life.APL may only commence:l once the child is 20 weeks old; andl provided the employee had a minimum 26 weeks’ continuous employment at the 15th week before the “expected week of childbirth”.If they don’t meet both these criteria, regardless of the day the child was born, they won’t be entitled to take APL. Please note: the latter criterion applies to ordinary paternity leave too.The legislation, rather short-sightedly, assumes that parents will truthfully self-certify their rights to APL (and Additional Paternity Pay where it is payable). In other words, there is no statutory requirement on you to make “official” checks on their entitlement. However, as some assurance, the powers that be have given you the right to request proof of eligibility.So, within 28 days of receiving an employee’s APL request form, you have the right to ask them to produce further information in support of their application.They must supply whatever you have asked for within 28 days. But exactly what information can you request? Well, as an absolute minimum, you can ask to see a copy of the birth certificate. This should confirm not only that the child does exist but the date it was born. Parents of babies born late March to early April 2011 may be tempted to alter the dates to their benefit.If, after seeing this document, you still have doubts about eligibility, you can demand that the employee provide you with the contact details for the mother’s employer. In your paternity policy, make it clear that you have the right to request this information and that it must be supplied to you within 28 days.Asking questionsHowever, if you do decide to contact the mother’s employer, remember that they have no statutory duty to co-operate. In fact, they may refuse to provide you with any information on the grounds of employee confidentiality. Equally, you don’t have to comply with any requests for information of this nature.While this could be problematic, the fact you are prepared to seek this information could, in itself, deter any fraudulent APL applications.l For a free sample of our APL request form, letter requesting eligibility of APL or Paternity Leave Policy, please contact the NAMB on 01920 468061.last_img read more

Two arrested on drug charges in Plymouth Wednesday

first_img Google+ IndianaLocalNews WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Twitter Pinterest By Brooklyne Beatty – August 7, 2020 0 672 Pinterestcenter_img (Photo Supplied/Plymouth Police Department) Two people were arrested in Plymouth Wednesday following a drug bust.Police were dispatched to the Dairy Queen parking lot on reports of drug activity, where they found Brian Vollmer, 55, and Hanna Wieklinski, 25, dealing methamphetamine.ABC 57 News reports police found 15 grams of methamphetamine and $800 in cash.Vollmer and Wieklinksi, both of Valparaiso, were arrested. WhatsApp Facebook Google+ Two arrested on drug charges in Plymouth Wednesday TAGSarrestedchargesdairy queendealingdrugIndianamethamphetaminePlymouth Previous articleBright spots to Indy 500 face with no fans?Next articleGoshen man shot by officer in 2019 pleads guilty to resisting law enforcement Brooklyne Beattylast_img read more

Notre Dame students create masks in school tradition, donate part of the proceeds

first_img Facebook WhatsApp By Tommie Lee – August 12, 2020 0 436 Facebook Twitter Previous articleFord recalling more than half a million SUVs for potential brake issueNext articleWhitmer reportedly told Biden to pick a woman of color instead of her Tommie Lee Pinterest Notre Dame students create masks in school tradition, donate part of the proceeds Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp By Know1one1 [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons Two students at Notre Dame have launched a company to make masks that celebrate the school’s residence halls on campus.The Observer reports that every student on campus was given at least three cloth masks to wear, and a pair of Juniors wanted to ingrain the masks with Notre Dame traditions.The L+H Mask Company launched a website to sell masks on July 21st with 32 designs representing all of the undergraduate residence halls. Each mask costs 10 dollars, with a dollar from each sale going to the Catholic Charities of Fort Wayne and South Bend COVID Relief. So far, the students say they’ve sold around 250 masks. Google+ Google+ CoronavirusIndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Marketlast_img read more

New South Bend auto shop offers fresh start for drug, alcohol recoverees

first_img Twitter New South Bend auto shop offers fresh start for drug, alcohol recoverees Twitter WhatsApp Previous articleReaction, both for and against, regarding the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney BarrettNext articleIRS sending letters to Hoosiers who may still be eligible for economic impact payments Jon ZimneyJon Zimney is the News and Programming Director for News/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel and host of the Fries With That podcast. Follow him on Twitter @jzimney. Pinterest WhatsApp IndianaLocalNews By Jon Zimney – September 28, 2020 0 426 Facebook (Jon Zimney/95.3 MNC) A new auto detailing shop opened in South Bend on Friday, but it’s more than just a shop.The facility aims to help people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, allowing them to develop a new work ethic and skill set.The 30 residents who will work in the new shop will gain hands-on experience through the faith-based Adult and Teen Challenge of Northern Indiana.The cost for the new building was $350,000 that came largely through donations and grants. Google+ Facebook Google+ Pinterestlast_img read more

Elkhart City Hall closes due to positive COVID tests

first_img Google+ Facebook By Tommie Lee – October 1, 2020 0 333 Twitter CoronavirusIndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Market WhatsApp Twitter (Photo supplied/City of Elkhart) A pair of positive COVID-19 tests within the staff at City Hall has caused the City of Elkhart to close the building for Thursday and Friday.Mayor Rod Roberson says the proactive step was made to allow for a deep cleaning of the facility.The two employees attended budget hearings on Saturday, and all who attended have been notified for testing as a precaution.The City of Elkhart believes that with proximity policies, PPE usage, and sanitizing that was already in place, the risk of additional spread is low. The city says the health of its staff and residents is their top priority. Facebook WhatsApp Elkhart City Hall closes due to positive COVID tests Google+ Pinterest Pinterest Previous articleNotre Dame student senate considering resolution asking for Father Jenkins resignationNext articleNearly 2,400 cases of COVID in Indiana schools Tommie Leelast_img read more